Maria Willson

Maria Willson


Glamorous, sexy, Rock/pop. We are hard working, talented and ambitious with something very special to offer. Were visually exciting and what you hear on the record Is what get live.


I was signed to Telstar records in 2003 and released two top 40 records in the UK. Unfortunately Telstar hit financial difficulties and I was left without representation. Although It's been almost impossible to get back on the ladder with little help, we haven't given up and now I have an album and single ready to go. Some of my original band members went on to pursue other projects but I do have a full band in the UK, I tend to do meetings on my own or with my guitarist/co writer. Our sound is very unique, the recordings from home sound good so I can only imagine how epic it could sound with a great producer behind it. Over the years I have worked so hard on my project and I truly believe our music is hot and very commercial. I'm very excited about it.


Chooza looza UK Telstar 2003

Mr Alibi UK Telstar 2003