Maria Woodford

Maria Woodford

 Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Woodford has the honor of working with blues harp legend, Phil Wiggins on her most recent release, "Bad Dog Blues". Bad Dog is a gritty but gifted tribute to tradition blues, gospel and jazz approached with a fresh perspective and honesty. Maria's vocal sound is sultry with a hint of growl.


Maria Woodford is a lifelong musician and songwriter who has seen the world from the most prestigious of stages and the smallest of seedy back room venues. Throughout her years of playing the streets with an open guitar case to her more recent experiences playing Allentown's Symphony Hall, Woodford’s sultry vocals, throaty growl, and disarmingly honest approach to songwriting has earned her many honors and awards including The B.E.A.M. grant for independent music (2001) and Best Independent Album of the Year (NJ Press- 2002). Woodford has traveled from coast to coast and beyond with her music. Maria was published as a contributing author in the textbook, "Music in Elementary Education" by Trollinger and Flhor (Prentice Hall Publishing) in 2009. Her Spring 2012 release of "Bad Dog Blues" features the great Phil Wiggins and many of the blues worlds most up and coming musicians.

Phil Wiggins is arguably America’s foremost blues harmonica virtuoso. While rooted in the melodic Piedmont or “Tidewater” blues of the Chesapeake region, his mastery of the instrument now transcends stylistic boundaries. Born in Washington D.C. in 1954, Phil Wiggins achieved worldwide acclaim over three decades as one half of the premier Piedmont blues duo of Cephas & Wiggins" National Council for the Traditional Arts

Blues and boogie-woogie piano player Arthur Migliazza was born in Hyattsville, Maryland in 1980. He began taking classical piano lessons at age nine, mainly due to the prompting of some family friends who, noticing his tendency to play any piano that happened to be in reach, suggested that his mother get him started with lessons. Frustrated with the confines of classical music, but clearly gifted at the keyboard, Arthur soon found himself under the tutelage of Judy Luis-Watson, a local blues piano player and teacher. It was at this point that Arthur’s true potential began to show. Arthur was immediately drawn to the soul in blues music and began listening to blues piano greats such as Otis Spann, Champion Jack Dupree, Jimmy Yancey, Professor Longhair, Jay McShann, Katie Webster, and many more. Their influences can be heard in his playing today. In 2009 Arthur released an album of songs with Blues Harmonica player Tom Walbank entitled BURN YOUR BRIDGES. In January 2010 the duo were finalists at the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis, TN. 2010 also saw the release of an EP entitled CLAMDIGGERS, featuring Arthur on piano and keyboards, Mike Levy on bass and Alejandro Canelos on drums. Arthur currently resides in New York City.


Bad Dog Blues

Written By: Maria Woodford Spillane

Puppy Puppy
Wag that Tail
Shake it Shake it Baby
Nose to the trail
You're just a dog you're just a dog
You've been howling at the moon from the witching hour
Til the Mornin paper comes

CHORUS - O-Wooooo (2x) ya been howlin at the moon

Puppy Puppy
Follow me home
Beg Beg baby
Want that bone
You're just a dog You're just a dog
You've been howling at the moon from the witching hour
Til the Mornin paper comes


Scratch that itch
Show me a trick
I'd like to see you catch that tail baby
Quit playin dead
Don't make me beg
I wanna hear that howl

Puppy puppy No
He ran away
move-a move-a baby
Bad dog won't stay
He's just a dog
He's been howlin at the moon from the witching hour
Til the mornin paper comes



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