Chicago, Illinois, USA

Harmonic, emotional and honest.


Maribelle is an emo-punk band from Chicago. Formed in 2006, members include E. Aaron Ross, Chris Mills, Patrick Lawlor, Sarah Ross, Dara Benno, and Dan Bordage. 'With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends' was self-released in February of 2010, and is the first LP by the band. Maribelle contains current and previous members of Harm's Way, O'er the Waves, Weekend Nachos, Spells, and more. "Only an Impulse" is the second full-length from the band, and is scheduled to release this August in cooperation with Drugged Conscience.



Written By: Maribelle

I saw you, frozen where all great men end. I saw you, knees bent in crumbling. In awe as the man down the hall and the repeater both scream I hear help me, help me. God help us all.


F/L CD "Only An Impulse" – August 2012 on Drugged Conscience Records.

CD Pre-Release "Deer Head" – 2011

F/L LP "With Teeth Sharp As Old Friends" – 2010

F/L CD "Greener Greens" – 2008