marie-claire is a sexy delightful singer who injects flavour into classical music with head bumping hip-hop beats and one-drop reggae grooves. A bronx-darling with Caribbean roots she is a true gem of an artist: a must-see and must-listen


marie-claire started 2010 with a performance at the Year of the Child Concert in Dominica. A performance which left an indelible mark on patrons who have been captivated by her powerful, yet soothing, melodious voice. After her performance at Jamaica Jazz and Blues on Sunday Jan. 31st, the accolades continued. Fans and industry experts alike are anxiously waiting for her debut album the dreamland project, which is being recorded in Jamaica. A mix of reggae and funk with operatic influences flavored throughout, it illustrates her growth as an artist and is sure to be a staple in every music lover’s collection.

An open-mike performance at Village Vanguard, while marie-claire was an Archeology student at Brooklyn College, was the starting point for this development. Since then marie-claire has gone from performing on the jazz and country western circuit to performing with the Austin Lyric Opera Company and to studying opera, at the Conservatory of Santa Cecelia in Rome, Italy where she lived for three years. Her return to the states took her through to Los Angeles where she continued her study, and then back to New York; where she studied with Raymond Buckingham.

marie-claire has performed at Carnegie Hall with the New York Grand Opera Company, Joes Pub, Lyricist Lounge-Central Park Summer Stage 2001 and Izzy Bar to name a few. Her first performance in her native Dominica was the solo recital ’A Night at the Opera.’ She has also performed at Cable and Wireless Creole in the Park, Nature Fest, Creole and All That Jazz. In Dominica marie-claire made her mark in television as well, by co-creating, co-producing and hosting video best-the first ever video music show in Dominica. She also had two live shows jazzlive and belemont lounge produced by her girlfullofgold productions ltd, and interviewed artists at the 12th Annual World Creole Music Festival for the Dominica Festival Commission (DFC)

Speaking of TV, her music has been featured in the films Lovin Jezebel, The Roommate and marie-claire herself was part of the cast of the second season of The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central. She has been interviewed by Caribbean Billboard; featured in the New York Times, Jamaica Observer and the pages of She Caribbean, Ocean Style and Domnitjen Magazine; as well as popular Caribbean entertainment sites such as, and

Regionally, marie-claire has been keeping busy. She performed at St. Lucia’s Love Fest in 2006. In 2008 she performed in Jamaica at Christopher’s Jazz Café, Weekenz, and Red Bones Blues Café to rave revues. 2009 saw performances at Jamaica Jazz and Blues, Russell’s in Antigua. Apart from a well-received performance at Jamaica Jazz and Blues, 2010 saw marie-claire opening for Faith Evans at the Love Is All We Need Concert series.

Apart from gracing the stage as an entertainer; marie-claire the philanthropist, has joined forces with four committed Dominicans to stage the Year of the Child concert series. So far artists like Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica, Arturo Sandoval and Arturo Tappin have joined marie-claire and local artists for performances at various locations on the island.

marie-claire’s passion is to seamlessly blend opera and hip-hop, as she finds the two genres covering the same themes with their highly dramatic lyrics, just listen to her amazing voice on DJ Logic’s The Anomaly, or her songs “Red” and “Desperation.” Now it is time to condense this blend of Opera, Hip-Hop and Reggae into a mature, sexy, and delightful album- a fitting description of marie-claire herself. Look out for her upcoming album the dreamland project which will feature marie-claire singing celebrated reggae songs (such as Bunny Wailer’s “Dreamland” and Bob Marley’s “Rastaman Chant”) in Opera, and will include some original reggae selections such as “care for you” a sweet and timeless lover’s rock with and old soul. This girl full of gold is a treasure you don’t want to miss!


“red” (2002)
“desperation” (2002)
“summertime” (2008)
“care for you” (2010)
“jah guide” (2010)
“dreamland” (2010)

The Anomaly—DJ Logic (2000)
Chiney Flava Riddim--DJ Krush (2010)

Studio albums
The dreamland project (2011)

Songs featured in motion pictures
“red” The Roomate (2000)
“stormy weather” Lovin Jezebel (1999)