Marie Anne Kelton/(the MAK Attack!)

Marie Anne Kelton/(the MAK Attack!)


Gritty Rock-Folk, mistress of the 12 string, and Strat, who can bring an audience to their feet and have their attention with one look and an opening chord. I draw an audience into me and then rock them or make them cry.


Marie (Anne Kelton, thus the MAK Attak!) aka, (RedRaven) was Born to make music! Born to dance! I'm a daughter of the motor city, and have lived about everywhere, from Detroit, to Las Vegas and back again. Music is my life, my body and my soul, its everything that I am. I'm also a classically trained dancer (ballet). I'm strongly influenced by other artists who put their music where their heart is.... Melissa Etheridge, Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan to name but three. I don't sing shallow songs, and I tend to wear my heart on my lyrics, be it pissed off, happy, crying, its all there as a catharsis for me, and I hope some members of my audience. Iv'e played one instrument or another since about age 6 (piano first, sitting on the bench with my grandfather), Iv'e written music since I was about 13 (horrible and angst ridden).... Had my own blues band, but prefer to go it alone. Member of ASCAP and NARAS (Grammy organization)
This is one girl you have to hear – and want to know more about. Marie, with a voice set somewhere between Melissa Etheridge and Debby Davies (and a guitar style to match) and mix in a whole lot of grit from Janice Joplin, and you have MAK.

ESP Magazine, Greensboro NC


Long Dirt Road
Nuth'n but the Blues
Derailed (out 2006)

Set List


80-90% original material

Covers include:

Melissa Etheridge
Sarah McLachlan
Ani DiFranco
Athena Reich
Sheryl Crow
Meridith Brooks
Shawn Colvin