Marième blends pop, reggae and electronica like no one else does. She is one of a few Quebec artists to offer this kind of music: no less than a funky reggae party. Marième sings about love, friendship and everyday struggle on an original and groovy soundtrack. Let the sunshine in!



Marième Ndiaye was born in Quebec and raised specifically in Limoilou.

Since 2003, Marième is a singer and member of CEA, considered local heroes in their hometown of Quebec city.
They have been performing together for the last 10 years and released 3 albums . Their first record, the funkyfied C’est ça le fun in 2006, Coin Strasbourg in 2009 and Les Nuits Gainsbouriennes in 2010.

CEA (wich stand for Corps et Âme, Body and Soul) is associated with fun , dance and wild celebrations. The group have been touring in Canada, France and Senegal.

Since the release of her first solo album in may 2011, Marième is on a roll and the album was critically acclaimed. On the other hand, Marième is very active in television in Quebec. She used to host de Hip Hop show on channel MuchMusic for 2 years, in addition to being a cultural journalist at Vox and CBC .


CEA: C'est ça l'fun?! (2006)

CEA: Coin Strasbourg (2009)

CEA: Les Nuits Gainsbouriennes EP (2010)

Marième (eponym) (2011)