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Prepare the way

Written By: Marie Monsalve

A man clothed in camel's hair, belted by a strap of leather, consuming locusts day by day, wild honey was his only pleasure...oh the son of Zacharias calling people to repentance...prepare the way of the Lord....prepare the way of the Lord.
The son of Zacharias had a calling to proclaim His coming, baptizing young and old, but soon he knew there be one Greater whose sandals he was not even worthy to untie but Who'd baptize with Holy Fire...prepare the way of the Lord...prepare the way of the Lord.
The voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight His path! Every valley shall be filled and mountain brought low, His purpose be fulfilled let the whole world know of the Lamb who takes away our sin.
The son of Zacharias saw the Father separate the Heavens...emmersed from the Jordan and the Spirit like a Dove descended, then a voice from Heaven proclaiming His pleasure, "behold the Lamb!"...prepare the way of the Lord...prepare the way of the Lord.

Tag...Won't you prepare the way of the Lord!