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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Call and Response: Marienbad"

Although Marienbad are new on the scene, producers/musicians Ben Gibson and Martin McLaughlin have been searching high and low for inspiration. And by that I mean Europe.

Ben and Martin formed Marienbad in 2005 and spent two years in Europe seeking "cultural enlightenment" before returning to Toronto to make their debut album (Crown - out this summer). I love how these guys (like their YYZ Records labelmates TMDP) effectively fuse electronics and live instrumentation (guitar, bass guitar, horns) to create a classic, yet cutting edge groove.

Marienbad rock the party at the Mod Club tomorrow night. I spoke to the guys about their travels, their gear and the importance they place on playing live.

Link: - Blog TO

"Marienbad + TMDP"

Turn the lights off for this one.

MARIENBAD is the international collaboration between electronic producers Martin Mclaughlin and Benjamin Gibson. The two musicians began working together while living in Europe in 2005 and 2006 and while roaming the streets of Amsterdam and Paris, the pair conducted endless sound experiments in an attempt to express the moods and energies of such urban landscapes. The expierience helped form the foundation of Marienbad.

After two years of working and traveling abroad, Gibson and McLaughlin returned to Canada with an arsenal of new sounds and ideas. Named after the 1961 French New Wave film, Marienbad developed a unique blend of 80’s acid house and swaggering disco by fusing together analog synthesizers, drum machines and organic instruments. Their remix of Heat by TMDP combines robotdisco from different galaxies. It’s completely cosmic yo.

The original, Heat, communicates with a number of terrestrial landscapes earthly bodies for another robotdisco jam. Diva vocals loop over analogue funk and some horn stabs that haven’t been filtered or flared. By keeping the brass, Marienbad gives us new noodlings by combining a number of universal dancefloors.

Link: - Manalogue


More home town love. This time around we’re hearing some dope jazz infused remixes from Marienbad, a Toronto-based live electronic duo comprised of Benjamin Gibson and Martin McLaughlin. The two have been on a bit of a remixing tear lately as they continue to discover their sound.

Check out their remix of Passion Pit’s ‘Little Secrets’ as well as the most recent of Dragonette’s latest single, ‘Fixin To Thrill’. And if you’re looking to catch these cats live, they’ll be playing in Toronto at the Boat this Friday alongside Opopo.

Link: - Rollin' & Scratchin'


crown (2008)



we like disco, punk, funk, rock and house music. we like bass guitars, electric guitars, horns, synthesizers and drum machines. we enjoy an energetic live show that you can get down to. we try to combine all these elements into both our recorded music and our live set. dig it.