Marienne Kreitlow

Marienne Kreitlow


A seasoned performing artist & composer, Marienne's material ranges from blues to gospel to Broadway to art song with deftly crafted lyrics & moving melodies. Her trademark? Theme-based recordings & performances which are theatrical, moving, surprising.


A songwriter, poet, librettist, performer and recording artist, Mariénne is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. As a long time solo performing artist she is dynamic and provocative. Her diverse background brings a refreshing quality to her writing for listening rooms, theatre and the church.

She has lived in California, Massachusetts and Texas, where she spent several years performing as a street and club musician. Her style of learning has involved private study with many great musicians and teachers.

Mariénne returned to her home in Minnesota in 2002, where she is fourth generation on the family farm. Her compositions often reflect this strong sense of place and commitment to honoring the land.

‘My intent as an artist is to open myself and my audience through authentic expression. My responsibility is to create an experience that reaches many different levels of feeling and visioning to ultimately uplift and transform. I aim to inspire and encourage expression in others as a means of accessing passion, personal and spiritual fulfillment, and meaningful community.’


GARLIC & OTHER FORCES OF NATURE: Climb on board the magical mystery farm tour. Like bits of The Roaches, Trout Fishing In America, Bob Wills, & The Mediaeval Babes.
BEAUTIFUL ILLUSION: Spins winter stories with timeless Christmas songs and ethereal soundscapes for trancelike listening.
COME BACK TO THE GARDEN: Spirituality & the sacredness of life, with Jerry Ford.
HOW BRIGHTLY BEAMS: Songs that bridge the gap between religions, expressing the wonder of a creation which requires our total response.
THE MORTAL MOON:Beguiling songs, both personal and universal, covering a wide range of musical styles (reggae/ska, jazz, afro/cuban, and classically oriented keyboards) with a strong folk foundation.
"Joyfully sensuous!" - Dirty Linen
HEARTROOM - Instrumental new age. "Warm as a fire in the night." - Transnational Perspectives
WRAPPED AROUND THE SUN: Mariénne's 1st release! "An unassuming gem." - Boston Globe

Set List

30 - 60 minute sets usually consist of original material. Sets are most often theme or event based.