Marie Read

Marie Read


Start with an indie rock feel, mix with a prairie town folk influence as well and add in baroque and classically composed breakdowns. Bass, drums, guitar, piano and a string section. This is what we do, bake into a 50 minute set and out comes Marie Read


Two lost souls, one with a guitar and one with a piano, both far from home. Two became six. Exiles from across Canada, from British Columbia to PEI, coming together in Montreal. Six stories, six instruments, six different musical backgrounds. Indie rock and classical, underground and proffessional. All eclectic elements brought together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of it's parts.


Marie Read 3 Song EP "Little Girls Make The Best Pirates"

Set List

1. "Danielle Steele Novel Affair", a classical sounding high energy rock ballad.
2. "Chronicles of X-tabay", a fast dancy celtic instrumental number. Song leads directly into:
3. "Response Response", dancy number that alludes to film noir melodrama.
This song leads straight into:
4."Coffee and Cigarettes " A cute Latin rhythmed upbeat piece.
5. "On the Day She Died" A slower calmer piece. An intimate, sweet singer songwriter ballad.
6. "My Very First Kiss" The Chopsticks song with detailed lyrics of sweet young ( 8 year old) love.
7. "You Follow", a "Canadian prairie folk rock" ballad that slowly turns into organized melodic chaos. Think Blue Rodeo mixing up with Radiohead.
This song leads directly into:
8. "Calgary" another prairie folk song about leaving home. Folk rock with Beatles inspired baseline and breakdown.
9. "Daisy Razor" A slower ballad about depression that develops rhythmic intenisty as it progresses.
10. "We Are Stars" Polyphonic and polyrhythm