Maries Children

Maries Children


Infectious power pop with heart and groove. Music that doesn't suck!


What began in late Winter of 1999 from a series of song writing sessions, and impromptu on stage performances, the band Marie's Children was formed. What became the current and permanent line up solidified in the year 2000.

Through word of mouth, and unprecedented support from a growing following of "children". The group continued to work on what would become their sound. The band released a live to 16 track cd of songs recorded during a marathon live session at New Castle Sound in Rhode Island.

Marie's Children came out of 2000 a much tighter group playing to larger audiences, who loved the wild, and rocking live shows the band was becoming known for. The year was capped off by a show at Holly Woods California's Martini Lounge on Melrose Blvd., and a now infamous Beach Party to celebrate the bands return to Boston.

2001 saw the band concentrate on building upon its club base in Boston and increasing work towards more and more songwriting. While continuing to connect with its passionate, and energetic crowd.

From annual "Pajama Bash's" to benefits for the homeless. Marie's Children rose among the ranks of bands in a city known for its musical pedigree. Also working on production, and recording ideas with Folks from both New Castle sound, and Digital Bear Entertainment from Boston. Ending the year with a release of a "three song teaser" demo cd of various takes from shows, and practices.

2002 has begun with a gift to the band from it's fans who helped to give them a capacity show at Boston's famed Harper's Ferry club. Where Marie's Children got to play with The Tripping Billies. (The Northeast's premiere touring Dave Matthew's Tribute band.) Still reeling from that show Marie's Children are now in the process of finishing a new full length cd. To be released in the Fall.


"Live to 16"

Set List

The band can play anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours with mostly originals.