marie taziki

marie taziki

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Super vocals and harmony driven americana. Annie Haslam meets Pure Priare League OR Linda Ronstadt meets the Beatles. For the distinguished listener.


Marie's 2nd independent release "Lies With A Kiss" combines Marie's love of acoustic southern and folk rock. Canadian music critic Chris Iorfida says

"These are hook filled songs ripe for triple A play. The Sun is like Heart singing the Beatles and Lies With A Kiss is lyrically and melodically engaging".

A cut of Lies called "Sea of the Edge" was recently voted #3 on a Top Ten Most Requested Songs of 2004 on CRUMBS Radio. C.R.U.M.B.S.

Marie released her first indie CD in 2003, "Little Box of Fantasy" reminiscent of Annie Haslam's Rennaissance. Mike Lisi of the Schenectady (NY) Gazette said "uplifting 1980's influenced pop" and that LBOF was "impressive".
SOME of her influences include The Beatles, The Grassroots, Joni Mitchell , CSN, JT. Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Marshall Tucker, Lowell George & Little Feat, Little River Band, Bonnie Raiit, the Eagles, Jackson Browne, Pretenders, Motels and Sheryl Crow.


lies with a kiss, the sun, just turn around

Written By: marie taziki

i heard thru the grapevine you lost your new lover today--your perilous ways would catch up with you i knew someday-- cause you always like to live in and out of the edge--now youre all by yourself with a broken heart out on a ledge..on ledge
i dont miss your lies with a kiss--your cleverness the emptiness, its payback time and i dont mind... feelin like i do

v-2 its hard to believe that your heart is not taking this well--high risk and slim chances worked out for scarlet pimpernel-- I never said you were much of a romantacist--but were skilled in the art of tellin your lies with a kiss.. with a kiss

chorus -- inst

v-3 you got what was comin to you after all these years-- life threw you a curve quickly dried up all my tears--the stakes in the game of breakin a young womans heart-- were to high in the end now youre left all alone in the dark.. in the dark
chorus repeat end

the sun is out today ok
it feels real good on my face
cause lately its been cold and gray, I dont wanna cry today
cause things weigh heavy on my mind, with no sun thru the blinds
the rays inject my sorry eyes
and dissipate my disguise
chorus -the sun, the sun
i dont need a sunny day to be ok with things i do
but i cant take another day of clouds and distant blue!

v-2 the beams reflect thru my purple vase, set slight right of center
on the table where the colors speak
allowing me to enter a place where light cuts thru my guise and dances in the sky
the rays inject my hopeful eyes and dissipate my demise
the sun, the sun the sun!

i know youve been tired of the way things have been
you think somethin's missin in your life
you look for the answers, you cannot pretend
I see that vacant look in your eyes

go and find your smile at the end of the rainbow
the meaning of life and forever more
when you find yourself with nowwhere else to go
just turn around and you can find me
just turn around and you can find me

you can drive a thousand miles lookin for bluer skies
but you wont find the love like when you look in my eyes
my love you need to go out there and look for that smile
the one that made me love you and walk down that aisle

and when you're slippin off
just barely hangin on, ive, ive got the love you need, you need to carry on, yeah yeah...

chorus, repeat end.


LP Title - Little Box of Fantasy (CD Baby)
LP Title - Lies With a Kiss (CDBaby)
streaming or radio airplay - yes

Set List

typical set list includes:
originals and covers mixed (o = orignal/ c= cover)
each set is typically 45- 50 minutes long

set 1
landslide - c
rhiannon - c
just turn around - o
lookin for direction - o
dark end of the street - c
faithless love - c
sea of the edge - o
all over again - o
lies with a kiss - o
nobody's girl - c
louise - c
angel from montgomery - c
i feel fine - c
feels like a day - o
past the sycamore - o

set 2
heaven sent - o
these days - c
willin - c
say goodbye - o
the sun - o
i can love you better - c
truth no 2 - c
you'll miss me - o
ive just fallen in love - o
if it makes you happy - c
soak up the sun - c
the light in your eyes - c
strong enough - c
little box of fantasy - o
simple me - o