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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"demo review"

I wasn’t much of a fan of the last This Day Forward record because it seemed like they really wanted to go full-on melodic rock, but were too caught up in their moshtastic past to get it right on the money. This new band, featuring Vadim Taver, who wrote a lot of that last record, gets it right with his new band Marigold. This is right where I think TDF wanted to be but hadn’t quite figured it out, and this is a good demonstration of that ideal sound. While I am not usually a big fan of real melodic stuff with lots of singing Marigold does well to throw in some Sunny Day/Hum heaviness, and even the occasional faster part (as the first song here testifies to their ability to still be heavy). The singing dominates this and is on key, thank god. A good start from a band I know you’ll be hearing more about in the near future. ( HYPERLINK - Hanging Like a Hex zine (


As of now we only have a 3 song demo we've been selling at shows and through distributers for the last 8 months. We're recording our first full length July-August.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lots have claimed that music has become stale, predictable, and without purpose. Bands come and go and lyrics and messages have become vague and/or meaningless. When MARIGOLD initially started playing together in early 2004, the first thing that was decided was that something needed to be said and the music written needed to be fresh. they knew they did not want to mimic everything going on in the current state of music. When vocalist/guitarist Vadim Taver's former band THIS DAY FORWARD came to an end in late 2003, he had written tons of music and was looking for somebody with which to share it. He had met guitarist Jason Wilson, drummer Nick Tazza, and bassist Scott Kurtian from shows and the three were already playing together, so they tried it out and immediately started writing songs with Taver. After months of searching for a singer and not finding somebody that everyone could agree on, MARIGOLD decided to try the band as a four piece with Taver handling vocals in addition to already playing guitar. Thus, MARIGOLD as it stands today was born.

Since then, the band recorded a three song demo and has been playing throughout the Northeast US. MARIGOLD's music ranges from energetic upbeat songs (akin to Taver's previous band) to more mid-tempo numbers. Taver's vocals are influenced by Jeremy Enigk, Jeff Buckley and Ritchie Birkenhead and the lyrics hold a very important place for all the members.

"We believe the platform of music is a very large one and we do not believe in passing up the opportunity to make our voice and opinions heard."