We are a band amongst the masses only we do not attempt to mimic the current state/sound of music. Lyrically we have something to say and our music sounds like a slightly more energetic/heavier Sunny Day Real Estate.


Lots have claimed that music has become stale, predictable, and without purpose. Bands come and go and lyrics and messages have become vague and/or meaningless. When MARIGOLD initially started playing together in early 2004, the first thing that was decided was that something needed to be said and the music written needed to be fresh. they knew they did not want to mimic everything going on in the current state of music. When vocalist/guitarist Vadim Taver's former band THIS DAY FORWARD came to an end in late 2003, he had written tons of music and was looking for somebody with which to share it. He had met guitarist Jason Wilson, drummer Nick Tazza, and bassist Scott Kurtian from shows and the three were already playing together, so they tried it out and immediately started writing songs with Taver. After months of searching for a singer and not finding somebody that everyone could agree on, MARIGOLD decided to try the band as a four piece with Taver handling vocals in addition to already playing guitar. Thus, MARIGOLD as it stands today was born.

Since then, the band recorded a three song demo and has been playing throughout the Northeast US. MARIGOLD's music ranges from energetic upbeat songs (akin to Taver's previous band) to more mid-tempo numbers. Taver's vocals are influenced by Jeremy Enigk, Jeff Buckley and Ritchie Birkenhead and the lyrics hold a very important place for all the members.

"We believe the platform of music is a very large one and we do not believe in passing up the opportunity to make our voice and opinions heard."


This Day Has Opened My Eyes

Written By: Marigold

A face in the cloud,
not a trace in the crowd.
What difference can we make if we are one and the same?
What difference can we make if we’re all the same?
“Pawns if used wisely can also create a checkmate.”
Time after time. Hour after hour.
The twinkle in your eye.
A face in the cloud,
not a trace in the crowd.
We’re all somebody if somebody believes in us.

Movement One in A Minor

Written By: Marigold

Running around a constant.
Running around a constant cycle.
Vision is hypnotized. Dizziness.
The static. An endless hum.
Revolve. Resolve. The sound turns into noise.
The sound turns into noise.
A multicolor collection: a spectrum.
It mystifies with waves through channels invisible.
It resonates and breaks a shield
Unthinkable. A filler. Familiar.
Moods change and so do days yet it remains the same.
A curse I can never escape. I’m captured in its wake.
The moods change.


Written By: Marigold

Onward we went with footsteps.
The avarice.
And I attentive to the shades and the weeping.
Downward the bend.
The shadows appeared to be dead.
Wonder, aware that I was living.
The people I saw beneath it.
They lift their hands and cry
And I now know why.
Towards the leaves looking for protection.
But it drives them back and from itself.
I saw the tomb.
Eyes in disdain in horror.
That is the empty ghost.
Watch it wash over me.
I am the empty ghost.
Watch it watch over.
The shadows lift their heads to die.
And I know why.
Aware that I was living.


As of now we only have a 3 song demo we've been selling at shows and through distributers for the last 8 months. We're recording our first full length July-August.

Set List

We usually play 6-7 songs. They are approximately 3 minutes each. We have piano samples and such in between songs while tuning so the set flows pretty quickly. A typical set is 25 minutes.