The Marigolds

The Marigolds

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Charismatic! The Marigolds—Gwen Swick, Suzie Vinnick and Caitlin Hanford—three JUNO-nominated singer/songwriters deliver with skill and grace an original montage of blues, swing, traditional country and bluegrass. Featuring angelic harmonies and gutsy playing.


Charismatic! The Marigolds are a roots music ensemble of the award-winning singer/songwriters Suzie Vinnick, Gwen Swick and Caitlin Hanford. Their original tunes reveal a genuine affection for the timeless and classic genres of traditional country, bluegrass, folk and blues. The Marigolds provide their own groovy instrumental backup, featuring Suzie on lead guitar, Caitlin on rhythm guitar and Gwen on electric bass. Beautiful lead vocals and soulful harmonies are the icing on the cake.

The Marigolds have been nominated for Canadian Juno Awards and Canadian Folk Music Awards.  

The Marigolds have performed at concerts and festivals across Canada, including Mariposa, Home County, Blue Skies, Folk Harbour in Lunenburg NS, Northern Lights, Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife, and the Vancouver Island Music Festival. 

In music festival settings, Caitlin, Suzie and Gwen all enjoy workshops, both as individuals and as The Marigolds. Favourite topics include songwriting (all), blues guitar (Suzie), bluegrass (Caitlin), and harmony singing workshops. Also popular with festival audiences are their interactive harmony workshops—teaching accessible songs with harmony parts to an audience.

"Each one of these women has loads of charisma, talent, versatility...a very powerful performance, indeed. They are simply a joy to work with, and to have at your festival." 
            Don Osburn/Artistic Director, Deep Roots Festival, Nova Scotia

 “Gwen Swick, Caitlin Hanford and Suzie Vinnick have pooled their considerable individual talents to form a group that is pretty well impossible not to love.”                                                                                   Barry Hammond/Penguin Eggs Magazine 

“The enchanting Marigolds...their mastery of expressive nuance, emotional implications which, despite their subtlety they project to the back of a crowded tent, is allied to three of the sweetest voices and a collective musical intelligence beyond compare.”                                                    Stephen Pedersen/Halifax Chronicle Herald, Halifax, NS, Canada


May Your Life Be Ever Blessed

Written By: Gwen Swick

May Your Life Be Ever Blessed Gwen Swick

May your spirit be ever peaceful
May your mind be still, at rest
Your arms open and willing
May your life be ever blessed

May sorrow never linger
May you survive every test
May friends comfort and surround you
May your life be ever blessed

May your heart beat ever strongly
May your wrongs be ere confessed
May doubts fall away, diminished
May your life be ever blessed


May the world treat you gentle
May kindness be your quest
May love forever guide you
May your life be ever blessed