Marijuana Johnson

Marijuana Johnson

 Dayton, Ohio, USA

If ZZ top and Black Sabbath had a five-headed punk rock baby, it would be Marijuana Johnson. Dueling guitar solos, super high energy, giant expensive equipment, and cheesy dance moves are just a few of the things we do to light up a crowd. Pity the band that has to follow this act.


Marijuana Johnson was formed to be an amalgamation of classic rock, punk, and metal, with a heavy emphasis on straight-up rock and roll. We are heavily influenced by Sabbath, Captain Beyond, ZZ top, Hendrix, the Melvins, NOFX, and Boris to name a few bands. In a world of sub-genres, we really like to focus on not fitting in with any of them. The benefits of doing so are that we can play with a large span of bands. In the last three and a half years, we have played with national acts such as The Skeleton Key, The Giraffes, Murphy's Law, The Casualties, Harlots, and The Slackers. Always moving forward with our music, we work very hard writing and putting out new albums. We wanna come to everyone's town and start a party!


Choke on the Bong - EP
Smoke or Die - EP
Green Hit - Full Length

Set List

We usually play 35-45 minutes. Short and sweet. All killer, no filler. We can play longer and have done covers in the past, but usually prefer to play originals. Sometimes we will work out a special song for a show. When we played with the casualties, we covered Anarchy Burger by the Vandals. We always do a little something to mix things up every show.