Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Marika - edgy pop/R&B with a little rock once in a while. Marika performs original songs with a crew of dj and dancers. The show is high energy, sincere and brings a positive message to audiences of all ages.



Marika's destiny as a culture-shaping artist was determined while
growing up in England, long before she found her groove in pop R&B. From
the moment she witnessed a group of artists awaken the first world
through the inaugural LIVE AID, Marika's soul was pierced not only with
the desire to sing, but with a passion to encourage, inspire and
influence others through music. Today, still not satisfied with the
status quo, Marika's music aims for a level of quality and integrity not
often pursued among emerging artists. Her commanding vocals strike
powerful arpeggios, rounding out her edgy pop/rock sound. Her lyrics
take an honest approach, layered with universal subject matter and
personal experience.

Currently working on her first major record, Marika has teamed up with a
first-rate group of Vancouver producers: Adam Hurstfield, (ROCKSTAR
MUSIC CORP, Loverboy, Rosette, Bianca), Steve
Smith & Anthony Anderson (SA TRACK WORKS, Rosette, Laura Pausini, Stacie Orrico), and Sean Hosein & Dane DeViller
(BANANATOONS, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland).

Without having yet been signed by a major label, several songs from
Marika's first independent album,” Untitled Chances “ have already been
featured on TSN's youth sports show "Offshore
Adventures," and seasons three and four of "America's Next Top Model" (FOX/UPN).” This album received major distribution across Canada to all the Christian bookstores.

“Music is what I’ve been given,” says the singer/songwriter who recently began recording in Vancouver, B.C. “I use it to express my life and communicate the love and life that I’ve been given. “

While still a breakout artist, Marika has already completed an opening 45-city tour in New
Zealand-performing for over 250,000 people-in addition to concerts
across various parts of Canada. A regular team of professional dancers
accompanies Marika wherever she performs, engaging and delighting
audiences and setting the bar for rising-artist performances.

As well as peforming, Marika has been part of pioneering projects like “ Beautiful One “ - a festival aimed at encouraging teenage girls in their dreams, and “ Make Your Dreams Happen “ - a benefit show working with Vancouver’s SHOCK Productions to raise money for inner city kids in Vancouver to take dance lessons.

This past December, Marika released her first single, "Christmas Came Early,"
a fun, festive pop song that aired on numerous major radio stations
across Canada. The resulting buzz landed Marika a spot as a featured
artist in Canadian Music Network Magazine (Dec 05/Jan 06). Her full album
is expected out fall 2006.

“ In a world of generic singers, Marika stands out as unique and has an
identity all her own. Her heart felt lyrics are both postive and
inspirational! “~ SA Trackworks -


Marika - self titled 4 song EP 2003
Untitled Chances - Full album 2004
Christmas Came Early - Christmas Single 2005
* this single went across Canada to radio in Dec 2005.

Set List

I have 3 different sets depending on show and venue

3 song set - 2 originals, 1 cover
5 song set - 3 originals, 2 cover
7 song set - 4 originals 3 cover

Depending on venue - I would prefer to perform all original music for all 3 sets, but this is generally the set up.