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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Band Pop R&B


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The best kept secret in music


"Fulfilling a Dream"

Canadian pop recording artist and songwriter Marika Siewert has a passion to encourage, inspire, and influence others through music.

She’s hoping to once again achieve that with her new single Soldier, which is being released to radio stations across the country Monday.

This song is inspired by the Canadian troops and soldiers around the globe, she said.

“The premise of Soldier is about having someone fighting for love, and it is my desire to be able to honour these amazing soldiers,” the local singer and record producer explained.

“I am excited for the things to come,” said the Willoughby resident.

“It’s been quite the journey to even get to this point, and I am working with an incredible team that has all come together to release this new song.”

Inspiration, motivation, and global aid is what Marika’s music and pretty much everything she does in life is all about.

Whether she’s using her music to help children with disabilities in Eastern Canada, less fortunate people struggling with poverty and lack of shelter in Third World countries, or teen girls grappling with self-esteem issues in New York City, Marika said she wants to use her successes and connections to help others.

Leading by example, she said: “Make sure you are who you want to be.”

The letters D-R-E-A-M hanging on her living room wall, near a sign that said “Make each day… your masterpiece.”

“It’s not all about the fame or the fortune,” Marika said. “I want to use my platform for a purpose, to help people… and I know I can do that better by being true to myself.”

While self-esteem was never an issue this musician had to face, it became a paramount concern to her during her ascent into the industry. She kept hearing how integral image and appearance were to making it in the business, but remained steadfast she would not compromise her values, beliefs, or self in her quest for success.

Marika wanted to prove that she could be successful just being who she was.

“I always felt I couldn’t do what I do without integrity,” she said, anxious to share that message with other young women.

How a love of music began

Marika grew up in England, and at age five – apparently too young for piano lessons by the area piano teacher – decided to teach herself.

“I wanted to learn so bad,” Marika recounted. “That’s when I knew I wanted to do music.”

Born in Trinidad, and raised in England, she was 12 when her family moved to Medicine Hat, Alta.

“I never grew up around music, it was just in me,” she told the Langley Advance.

Despite having discovered a passion for the piano early, singing was a skill Marika didn’t explore until later in life.

Marika didn’t actually start singing until she was 15, as a member of the high school and church choirs.

After graduating, she moved to California to work with youth in music and drama and see if entertainment really was her calling.

“I was just trying to figure out what I wanted to do,” she said.

Eventually, she managed to scrimp together enough money to produce her first demo, and armed with that, she started competing in some music contests.

“I never did well in any of those,” she said. “But I kept going because I knew that I just got really nervous at auditions. Put me in front of thousands and everything is usually okay.”

That’s when she and her new-found songwriting friend Scott Rogers “decided to give music a shot.”

Marika and her young family moved to Langley in 2003, to work closely with Rogers in Vancouver. The pair took a year off from almost everything else in life to write songs.

“He just put his heart and soul into me,” she said, admitting she hadn’t done much songwriting until she met Rogers.

If it failed miserably, they agreed to leave the industry behind; pursue other careers.

It didn’t fail.

Within the year, they’d not only recorded Marika’s first album, but they spent four months touring in New Zealand.

Her metamorphosis into a bit of a pop icon had began.

Working with music greats

Today, Marika is a globally recognized name among the pop music industry and fans.

Marika has worked with top North American internationally acclaimed producers famous for their work with The Backstreet Boys, High School Musical, Jesse McCartney, Stacie Orrico, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland and Canadian artists Hedley.

Marika co-wrote the tracks for Canadian pop sensation Elise Estrada, as well as Korea’s biggest pop star Lee Hyori with a track called My Life.

Being no stranger to the industry her previously radio released singles You Know I Will and Radio played on all the major hit radio stations across Canada landing in top 19 and 20 spots internationally and within the top five spots in Canada.

In addition to all of this success, the 30-year-old was nominated for the Canadian Radio Music awards, as best new artist in the urban category, her first independent album Untitled Chances received nominations at Canada’s Coven - Langley Advance

"MARIKA empowers Talent!"

Emerton Records empowers local talent

by Margaret Johnstone

It was a once-in-a-lifetime concert: Brian Doerksen, Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman, all on one stage in Abbotsford as part of the “United” Tour. For local performing artist Marika Siewert, it was a dream come true to even attend the event. She and her husband were thrilled with the fourth row seats they had purchased.

Then, two weeks before the August 2009 concert came a phone call. Doerksen, with whom Siewert had performed on his Prodigal God CD, was on the line. Would Siewert be willing to perform two songs from that album with Doerksen, onstage at the concert?

Born in the United Kingdom, Siewert and her family moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, when she was 12. “I always wanted to be a performer on a stage,” says Siewert. “I remember being five years old and telling my parents I wanted to be a musician.” Too young at that age to enroll in piano lessons in the UK, Siewert began teaching herself piano until she was old enough to take lessons at age seven.

A pivotal moment for Siewert’s future career came when, as a teen in Canada, she came across Doerksen’s Father’s House CD. “Father’s House changed my life,” says Siewert. “I still wear that album out. The reason I wanted to play music for Jesus is that album.” Siewert, who has always loved musical theatre, was entranced by how the songs spoke in a theatrical, script-like manner. “I remember thinking it would make a great theatrical play,” says Siewert.

While she was in Medicine Hat, the local Christian bookstore held a competition, offering Michael W. Smith’s entire discography as the prize. Siewert, 19 years old at the time, won the contest. She also became a huge fan of Steven Curtis Chapman’s music. Together, these heroes – Doerksen, Smith and Chapman – shaped Siewert’s vision of her future.

That same year, Siewert decided it was “now or never” for her musical career and launched into singing professionally. Three years later, she moved to Langley, BC, and began attending Christian Life Assembly, where she connected with worship leader Scott Rogers. She also joined a band with Mike Larson and Ben Cantelon. Within several years, she was working with mainstream top-40 producer Adam Hurstfield. In 2004, Siewert started Emerton Records, initially as a recording label for her own music.

After moving to Langley, Siewert discovered that Father’s House had indeed been made into musical theatre. Eventually, Siewert met Doerksen through mutual friends. Doerksen informed her that he was working on a new album, Prodigal God. Similar in concept to Father’s House, the CD follows the story of several characters, including the Prodigal, a Young Woman, the Older Brother and the Father. Doerksen asked if she would perform the role of the Young Woman.

So when Doerksen phoned in 2009, asking if Siewert would perform two songs from Prodigal God with him as part of the United Tour with Smith and Chapman, Siewert was stunned. “These are my three biggest heroes,” Siewert says. “There was just one tour with the three of them, and I got to be onstage. I couldn’t have dreamed that up!”

By this time, Siewert had a successful top-40 career of her own. But it was “kind of surreal,” Siewert admits, to be standing onstage behind Steven Curtis Chapman as he was sound-checking. “I’m not a star-struck person,” says Siewert. “I get to hang out with a lot of people who have platforms and influence. But this was a childhood dream; these three people shaped my career and my ministry. I was tweeting to all my friends. It was kind of a full circle moment.”

The experience is a concrete example of how Siewert approaches her work with other artists’ careers at Emerton. “What sets us apart as a company is that we trust God,” says Siewert. “When God opens the doors, it’s way bigger than what we could have imagined or planned. It’s the difference between making 50 calls and letting God tell us the one call to make. We move, and we let God steer us.”

In addition to Prodigal God, Emerton Records is promoting local artists Cathy Hardy’s Love Shines and Grace Sng’s Let Love Find You – currently playing on Christian radio stations. In addition, artist Laura Hastings has a new album with the label, Perfect Stranger. Siewert has also recently released a single “Never Stop Dreaming,” which she says is an unofficial “anthem” for the record label.

Siewert notes that there is not a lot of support on the West Coast for the type of artists Emerton works with: faith-based artists with a broader vision who can make a living with their musical careers. “Where I excel is helping artists to go beyond what they think they can accomplish. A lot of artists have raw talent with no strategy behind them. We’ve created a collaborative of artists who are not in competition with each other but who celebrate each other. There is enough money and sp - The Light Magazine

"MARIKA selected as Virgin 95.3's Best of BC"

[Best of BC - Marika]

Artist: Marika

MySpace Page:

Canadian Pop Recording Artist, songwriter, international speaker, and an artist advocate MARIKA has~a passion to encourage, inspire and influence others through music.
She has worked with top North American internationally acclaimed producers famous for their work with The Backstreet Boys, High School Musical, Jesse McCartney, Stacie Orrico, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland and Canadian artists Hedley and Elise Estrada.~ MARIKA also co-wrote the tracks for Canadian pop sensation Elise Estrada, as well as Korea’s biggest pop star Lee Hyori with a track called~ “ My Life ”.

RADIO: MARIKA’s radio released singles " You Know I Will " and “ RADIO “ played on all the major hit radio stations across Canada landing in top 19 and 20 spots Internationally and Top 5 spots Canadian. In addition to all of this success MARIKA was also recognized in nominations for the Canadian Radio Music awards as Best New Artist in the urban category, her first independent album “Untitled Chances ” received nominations at Canada's Covenant Awards and MARIKA was honored as the winner of the Women of Excellence Award in arts and culture in her own community.

MARIKA's music has been featured in numerous television series and networks including TSN, MTV, several seasons of "America's Next Top Model" (FOX/UPN), as well as her own personal performances on various shows like Miss Washington USA and Miss Washington Teen USA, The Daily with Mark and Laura Lynn, an emmy award winning NBC primetime Christmas special, and the Macy’s holiday celebration.

Recent News
MARIKA has launched her own production and record label Emerton Records Inc. to help launch young artists in integrity in the music industry, and also continues to give back to communities and youth as an accomplished international speaker.~

Ix-Nay - the single MARIKA co-wrote for pop artist Elise Estrada is being featured on the new movie The Legend of the Dancing Ninja, featuring High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel, and David Hasselhoff.


This past year MARIKA shared the stage with Grammy award winning artists, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and Juno Award Winner Brian Doerksen as part of the theatrical release of Prodigal God - a project MARIKA lent her vocals to for the lead female character in the upcoming production soundtrack releasing June 2010 worldwide.

MARIKA celebrated the 2010 ITUNES~ release of her newest single “WHEREVER YOU ARE” – in partnership with the Girls Leadership Institute to help raise funds for girls leadership camps that aid in encouraging girls confidence and self esteem to inspire them to achieve their dreams.

MARIKA inks worldwide marketing deal with Mercury Communications Group who's client list includes UFC sports personality George St. Pierre, Serena Williams, and Debbie Travis. New website launching soon at - Sign up now for the mailing list and for new contests! - Virgin Radio



Local Entertainment
Former Hatter making the jump to major record label producers
By Courtney Gillies
Apr 12, 2006, 05:41

Marika Siewert is in the middle of the jump all aspiring singers hope to face. The Medicine Hat product is moving from independent artist to major label artist.
Siewert’s first full pop/rock/R&B album is scheduled to be released in the fall. She has teamed up with Vancouver producers Adam Hurstfield, Steve Smith,
Anthony Anderson and Sean Hosein. As a group, Siewert’s production team has worked on albums with
Jessica Simpson, 98 Degrees, Jully Black and Kelly Rowland.
“These guys know what they are doing and they look out for me. They also let me keep my standard of song writing and integrity in my songs,” said Siewert. “I don’t want to be just another independent band I want to be a mega star so it’s been great how these guys came and took over for me.”
Siewert, 25, the daughter of Jean and Helen Boodhoo, grew up in Medicine Hat, graduated from Medicine Hat high school and studied music at the Cultural Centre. She moved to Vancouver in 2003 to pursue a career in music.
“I had an opportunity to song write and produce with a guy out here so we (husband Stacy Siewert) left solely for that reason,” said Siewert. “From there other opportunities opened up.”
Siewert’s album, which has yet to be named, will feature new songs Radio, Fight For You, Angel and California.
“California is all about me going off to Vancouver, trying to make it to the big time,” said Siewert. “It’s for those people who said you couldn’t do it, but then you’re actually doing it.”
Musically Siewert is inspired by artists such as,
Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, U2, Eric Clapton and ColdPlay, but her main inspiration comes from God, her family and friends.
“My faith keeps me strong and keeps me going when things are great and when things suck,” said Siewert. “My family inspires me and many of my friends who live in the Hat have inspired me in the present and the past.”
Siewert’s song Angel is dedicated to the mothers of two of her friends who died last year. She wrote the song after her friend Brandon died from leukemia and Colten died in a car accident in November. One of the lines in the song is ‘I know I’ll be all right if I can just make it through the rest of my life.’
“My friends Brandon and Colten, were both young men with huge hearts,” said Siewert.
“I have always sucked at keeping in touch with my friends, but one thing I am good at is writing songs about them. Most of my songs on my old and new album are about people I know. That is my life.”
Several songs from Siewert’s first independent album, Untitled Chances, have been featured on TSN’s youth sports show Offshore Adventures and seasons three and four of America’s Next Top Model. Siewert has also completed a 45-city tour in New Zealand where she performed for more than 250,000 people, and has appeared in several concerts and festivals all over Canada.
Siewert is currently involved with a benefit concert being held at the Michael J. Fox theatre in Vancouver. The proceeds from Make Your Dreams Happen will go towards funding dance lessons for inner city kids.
Along with working to develop her music career, Siewert is a mother of two. Her and her husband, Stacy, have a three-year-old son named Zachary and a one-year-old son named Jaedon.
“I’m totally blessed. I think a lot of people don’t go after their dreams because life gets in the way. My parents, my husband and my husband’s parents have been incredibly amazing with keeping me going,” said Siewert.
“I think I’m redefining what it is to be a young mom in the midst of her career. To me it’s exciting for my kids to see us at least trying out in the things we want to do, for them to know they can achieve anything.”

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- Medicine Hat News


Marika - self titled 4 song EP 2003
Untitled Chances - Full album 2004
Christmas Came Early - Christmas Single 2005
* this single went across Canada to radio in Dec 2005.


Feeling a bit camera shy



Marika's destiny as a culture-shaping artist was determined while
growing up in England, long before she found her groove in pop R&B. From
the moment she witnessed a group of artists awaken the first world
through the inaugural LIVE AID, Marika's soul was pierced not only with
the desire to sing, but with a passion to encourage, inspire and
influence others through music. Today, still not satisfied with the
status quo, Marika's music aims for a level of quality and integrity not
often pursued among emerging artists. Her commanding vocals strike
powerful arpeggios, rounding out her edgy pop/rock sound. Her lyrics
take an honest approach, layered with universal subject matter and
personal experience.

Currently working on her first major record, Marika has teamed up with a
first-rate group of Vancouver producers: Adam Hurstfield, (ROCKSTAR
MUSIC CORP, Loverboy, Rosette, Bianca), Steve
Smith & Anthony Anderson (SA TRACK WORKS, Rosette, Laura Pausini, Stacie Orrico), and Sean Hosein & Dane DeViller
(BANANATOONS, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland).

Without having yet been signed by a major label, several songs from
Marika's first independent album,” Untitled Chances “ have already been
featured on TSN's youth sports show "Offshore
Adventures," and seasons three and four of "America's Next Top Model" (FOX/UPN).” This album received major distribution across Canada to all the Christian bookstores.

“Music is what I’ve been given,” says the singer/songwriter who recently began recording in Vancouver, B.C. “I use it to express my life and communicate the love and life that I’ve been given. “

While still a breakout artist, Marika has already completed an opening 45-city tour in New
Zealand-performing for over 250,000 people-in addition to concerts
across various parts of Canada. A regular team of professional dancers
accompanies Marika wherever she performs, engaging and delighting
audiences and setting the bar for rising-artist performances.

As well as peforming, Marika has been part of pioneering projects like “ Beautiful One “ - a festival aimed at encouraging teenage girls in their dreams, and “ Make Your Dreams Happen “ - a benefit show working with Vancouver’s SHOCK Productions to raise money for inner city kids in Vancouver to take dance lessons.

This past December, Marika released her first single, "Christmas Came Early,"
a fun, festive pop song that aired on numerous major radio stations
across Canada. The resulting buzz landed Marika a spot as a featured
artist in Canadian Music Network Magazine (Dec 05/Jan 06). Her full album
is expected out fall 2006.

“ In a world of generic singers, Marika stands out as unique and has an
identity all her own. Her heart felt lyrics are both postive and
inspirational! “~ SA Trackworks -