Marika May

Marika May

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My music is a reflection of life... in fun-house mirrors. The sound is alternative hip- hop. Something you've never heard before that you want to keep listening to. With staccato vocals over electronica inspired beats i tell of true stories and some fantasies too


In her early 20s, Marika has seen her share of different places – yet she can trace her roots to the birthplace of hip hop. “Both of my parents are Jamaican, so I have a huge Caribbean influence in my life,” Marika says. She's lived in Philadelphia, Chicago and in South Florida before settling in Atlanta and going to high school. After moving to L.A. to attend the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts), Marika's talents started to get noticed, and her career began to take shape.

Always inclined to write poetry and music, she initially put her material on MySpace without any expectations. It wasn't long before Baltimore's DJ Blaqstarr stumbled upon the tunes and invited to Marika to attend his set while he was in L.A. At the very same show, while backstage and politicking with Blaqstarr, Marika also met School of Velocity, comprised of producers Brian Grushkin and Nathan McQueen. The producers and the artist decided to try recording together and while finishing her studies at CalArts, Marika started making headway on her first project.


"Marika May" the self-titled ep was released early 2009. it includes 6 songs entirely written by the artist and all musical prodution was done by los angeles based production duo School of Velocity

1. Trick Me Out
2. So determined
3. Yup Yup
4. Stop/Go feat. A.L.
5. Rebound
6. Hungry N' Tipsy

Set List

Usually a 15-20 minute set of three songs( Trick Me out, Rebound, Hungry N' Tipsy) or a 30 minute set consisting of all six songs on the EP