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"When I listen to Tom Waits I imagine I could be the kind of drunk that when she stumbles, she dances. The kind of fool that when she rambles, its poetry. The sort of writer who, reaching into words, can pull out new meanings as if they were awaiting re-invention." For Marilee it is a paradox which ignites her songs to their final satisfying completion. She will tell you that people ultimately want to be seen as a unique blend of their characters and talents. This is how she sees the music she writes, asserting: "we are a mixture of everything we have done and every place we dream we will go". Each song she writes is the unvarnished and lyrical representation of this vision of life as it passes through her. "I believe writing is your chance to share your shoes with the world, just like listening is your chance to try on someone else's."

Marilee began songwriting in 1994 at age 16. Influenced by great song-smiths such as Waits, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Jolie Holland, walking in Marilee's musical shoes is anything but pedestrian. Her ability to draw you, rather conversationally, into prose metaphor and figurative lyric is effortless and naive. The arrangements strive to be poignant and timeless, preserving the simplicity of the songs without cluttering them with gratuitous instrumentation.

The now 28 year old Marilee has a musical career spanning across 2 decades. Having begun guitar at age 15 and learning to sing at 16, she has performed for hundreds of audience members in Canada and the US. After living in Vancouver for a few years, she spent a few weeks doing a hobo tour down the West coast of North America which landed her in San Francisco after playing many venues, sidewalks and cafe houses along the way. In 2001 she took a two year hiatus from music performance to pursue an education in Audio Engineering and Production, which has given Marilee the sharpened tools of a dedicated professional, combined with an artistic patriotism to always write from the heart. She currently resides in Toronto where she can be found playing monthly regulars and spontaneous stages.

Her pending debut release titled "Stovetop Jesus" is a collection of original works. Some have been dug out from dusty basements and re-recorded from demo, and others are new fresh compositions hand plucked for this occasion. It promises to hold more than one soon-to-be old favorite and is a recording one should dare not miss.


Paul Newman

Written By: Marilee Yorston

Despite this old dance of two that we folks sometimes do,

I trust a man who turns to face the fiddler, oh, at his drunkest hour.

A dime upon the floor reminds that I am true,

I couldn't beat that Tarentella cure, for my frenzied dancing blues.

Well he moves like Butch Cassidy and he talks like he don't care.

I found him at the jail house, so I posted bail fare.

Just the shadow from his coat tails leaves a stain on minds core.

Like spilling wine from making love upon the parlor floor.

My dear twisted corset of my past, just tossed upon the chair.

Sway's from the open window breeze, that goes and messes up my hair.

Just the smell of its nearness, as it barely grazes by....

Well it must be mathematical like the space, between you and I.

Despite this old dance of two that we folks sometimes do,

I trust a man who turns to face the fiddler, oh at his drunkest hour.

A dime upon the floor reminds that I am true,

I couldn't beat that Tarentella cure for my frenzied dancing blues.

The Right Thing

Written By: Marilee Yorston

Don't throw it all away
it's still good, it's still good, it's still good
and then I wonder how I end up this way
no place to go with a life so full of where I been

Who am I kidding, I can't stop drinking
or talking about the weather with you.
It's true, I was out boozin',
cause I wasn't done loosin' my mind.

The thing that kills me is I went to do the right thing
and I still ended up in the wrong way.
But I've sent away for a second chance
and it should be should be here,

Jail Canteen

Written By: Marilee Yorston

Well I can't hold, a candle to the paradise that I have found
I was busy being burdened by having to work at some job.
I was just passing over the surface like a blind girl and I almost missed,
that I wanted a life back with no bullshit and no bill to pay.

I found out, there's a whole world that goes on like that,
In a constant stream, of just getting by and watching TV.
But it works out that just good enough isn’t good enough for me.
I don’t want to wake up one day n’ realize I been outs my mind for 6 years.

I paid off my ghosts to stay out of it for a while but they were always getting outs jail,
At the most unusual of times.
That’s just me spending money and then getting older
And getting in my own way.

Feel like I been waiting for a bus that wasn’t coming and
I been shopping around for a way out at the mall by myself.
I thought I was contemplating but I was only over compensating,
When I just needed to hear myself say
That “everything was going to be ok”


Currently recording and mixing first independant release "Stovetop Jesus" due out early spring 2007.

Free downloads of demo releases available on myspace:

Set List

A night of music with Marilee can be counted on to provide thought prevoking original folk and country tunes.

Set List:
According to...
Paul Newman
Better Days
Wild Pony
Easy Rider
The Right Thing
Jail Canteen
The Undoing
Renters Market

Set Length: 45 Minutes to 1 hour (average)

Tom Waits - Time, Saving all my Love
Jolie Holland - Goodbye California, Damn Shame, The Littlest Birds
Country/Folk Standards - I saw the Light, In The Pines, Ain't No More Cain, Your Cheating Heart, Angel From Montgomery
Various songs from Canadian artists such as, Sarah Harmer, Ron Sexsmith, Hayden and The Lowest of the Low