marina rocks

marina rocks

 League City, Texas, USA

She's opened for Shake Russell, Hayes Carll, Guy Forsyth, Boston.Opening soon for Terri Hendrix Lloyd Maines. Latest release..Believe in Love is now on 16 Texas Stations Climbing.Paul Glass plays mandolin on this sonic bid's epk cut. Her orig. song JOHN WAYNE hit #1 on Tx Top


Two Fisted Pixie

Does size matter? Dynamite comes in small packages, and Marina is a little blond that weighs in at a mere 100 lb. + tax. The size that matters here is the size of Marina's heart. It is as big as Texas, which just happens to be her born-and-raised home state. Her super-sized heart beats in the chest of a beautiful, young woman possessed possessed with a mission to open your mind as she simultaneously rocks your world.

Born in Austin during a summertime heat wave, she arrived in this world smoking and she has never cooled off. Her mom, who still lives in Austin, bought Marina her first guitar and she played it till her little-kid fingers bled and then she played it some more! When Marina turned 12 or 13, her mom bought her a Marshall stack instead of a party dress. Marina's semi-autobiographical composition, "Shero", reflects her deep feelings of love and gratitude for a parent able to appreciate a daughter's indefatigable pursuit of the "beat of a different drummer". A young woman in a man's world (especially the chauvinistic world of rock & roll), could be forgiven for getting discouraged and giving up. Giving up is not something that someone as determined as Marina does very often. It is simply not in her make-up to quit, and her persistence and resilience has paid off in a fiercely loyal regional following. Without a doubt, the most intense of these fans are the Harley-Davidson riding crowd who loves serious guitar players and honest, unpretentious, hard-working people in general.

But she won't ride motorcycles! She says she promised her mother she wouldn't.

Hard-rocking Marina fronts a high-energy, power-trio based in Houston called "The Guppies " The name may sound "far out", but be not deceived- this is a band with it's feet planted firmly on planet Earth. This band rocks with a passion not often encountered in a cover band and they have worked into the set list several original Marina tunes that have become oft-requested crowd favorites. The band is edgy and guitarist/vocalist Marina is a performer that feeds off a good crowd and she is always full of surprises! Performing solo.. marina has recently opened for Guy Forsyth, Shake Russell and Hayes Carll. While the Gups have played major venues with the well-known names of rock music royalty, such as Boston, Styxx, Aerosmith, Jethro, Tull, Kansas, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani, and America, to name a few. They continue to conquer new objectives on an almost routine basis. The band has recently broken into the heavy rotation playlist at radio station KFAN in the Texas hill country with Marina's composition "John Wayne" and currently has another of her tunes, "Dreams", making it's way up the internet's Texas Top Forty chart.

Now, for something completely different! In response to popular and persistent fan demand, Marina has put together a CD with a dozen acoustic unplugged-style versions of her most requested original tunes. The result is a delightfully spontaneous and challenging body of work that holds up under repeated listenings and stands up to critical comparisons with even the great, recognized practitioners of the song-writing craft. The compositions are shining examples of epic story-telling delivered by the writer/performer with unwavering conviction and a fire-in-the-belly ferocity. The ballads are the real hidden treasures. Even after you hear them several times and familiarity sets in, the hook-laden ballads still have the power and reach to catch you off your emotional guard.

Marina enjoys the intimacy of performing acoustic-solo in small rooms and she has begun to do this type of gig more and more frequently. She appreciates any venue where the song-writing is the star and she has adapted well to the demands of being the dazzling delivery system for her musical creations. Here, the imbeded message contained in the lyrics never gets drowned out or stepped on by the roar of a high-intensity rock band. Yes, size does matter and sometimes smaller is bigger. Big things are in Marina's future. Don't miss the artistry and the excitement of the pretty little lady with the pretty big bang!

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Believe in Love c.p.11 marina rocks

Written By: c.p.11-marina rocks

I can't believe those posers
I see on TV
I can't believe people buy just what they see
Do you ever wonder how this began
How they come back for more and they come back again
I'm here to tell you this is not the end

Chorus: Do you believe in Love
Do you believe in Love
All my friends and I say
You got to believe in Love

2. I can't believe how the wind blew through my town
When the tide came in San Leon
Was hardly found
It's enough to make you sit down and cry
It's enough to make you lay down and die
I'm here to tell you this is not the end

Repeat Chorus

Three Wishes c.p.11 marina rocks

Written By: c.p. 11-marina rocks

He said I've got a dream
I said I'll dream it too
Will share pie in the sky
Dancing over the moon
Can we wash away the sins of men of the past
Don't wash away hope
It's all that we have

Chorus: I'll give you three wishes
and I'll kiss away your tears
We'll take the near misses
and hold them so dear
Through all of the heartache
Through all of the pain
We'll all come together
and we'll breath
Breath free again

2.I said I've got a dream
that maybe some day
you can love me
and I'll love you
Have we lost what we're looking for
Somewhere long our path
Keep walking we'll find us
Then we're all free at last

Repeat chorus


Cd-Marina Rocks
Latest Release "Believe in Love"c.p.marina
NOW ON 16 TEXAS Stations and Climbing !!
"John Wayne" cp.04 marina -#1/Tx top
"I need you tonight" hit # 2 on Tx
"TVm "cp.02 marina hit to #
"Dumbing down America"cp.05marina hi # 4-Texas

Set List

Originals: (partial List)
1.Believe In Love c.p.09 marina
2.Three Wishes c.p.09 marina
3..Heroe s and Villains cp. 05 marina
4.TV m cp.02 marina
5.Shero cp.01 marina
6.Nameless cp 02 marina
7.Texas cp.01 marina
8.Baby Steps c.p.01 marina
9.So Far Gone c.p.05 marina
10.Cant See You Anymore c.p.07 marina
9.Dreams c.p.02 marina
10.It s All Messed Up c.p.05 marina

Covers: (partial list)

1.Satch Boogie- Joe Satriani
2.Downtown-Petula Clark
3.Ramble On- Led Zeplin
4.Little Wing-SRV
5.My Back Page-Bob Dylan
6.Long Time-Boston
7.Day Dream Believer-Monkees
8.Classical Gas- Mason Williams
9.Your Gonna Miss Me- 13 Floor Elevators
10.In The Name Of Love-U2