Marina MArina (and her Drive By Love Fest!)

Marina MArina (and her Drive By Love Fest!)


Catchy Choruses, Melt in your Mouth Melodies, Unique and Unforgettable, Astonishes Audiences, Giggles Galore, Sing-Along Story Songwriting, Pleasurable Pointer-finger Plectrumming.


Enigmatic Canadian folkstress, Marina MArina, recently released her self-produced, indie album "Moving to Appear". Isolated in the forests of northern Canada for four months of the year MArina communes with the natural world to produce her unearthly harmonies, heartbeat guitar riffs and illuminated lyrics.

Does it get any more independant than this?
MArina really proves to be a talent not only through her songwriting, singing and guitar playing but she also recorded, mixed and mastered her debut album, Moving To Appear.

With a very humble home recording studio and a lonesome cabin out in the wilderness Marina captures the sound of her isolated journey through earnest lyrics and mystifying harmonies.

MArina embodies familiarity. It is not uncommon when talking with strangers for them to say "Do I know you?" The same could be said about her music. A familiar sound. MArina connects the dots between the seen and unseen producing sounds to invoke that "at once far away but at home feeling". Visit for more Marina MArina


Moving To Appear