Mario Tomic

Mario Tomic

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Mario Tomic - Tomy is a
rock and fusion guitarist and music composer.


Mario Tomic - Tomy is a guitarist and 

music composer from Split/Croatia and Toronto/Canada.

The artist plays various types of rock music.

and some additional music genres like fusion.

You can listen to musicians on various 

world radio stations and is present in various 

media from music sites,TV,magazines etc.

he collaborates with other musicians from 

concert performances,session and studio projects 

and compose music and lyrics for another music artist.

The musician was also composed music for various 

TV projects and similar media.

For more available information please visit:

Official Mario Tomic Website


Mario Tomic - Singles Tracks Collection ( 2015)

Mario Tomic- Art Lines (2014)

Mario Tomic - Guitar Alchemy (2010)

Mario Tomic - Acoustic Diary (2006)