Mario Bosquez

Mario Bosquez



After more than two-decades in the broadcast industry, and as co-anchor of ''CBS 2 News This Morning'' at New York's WCBS Television Mario speaks to Latino students about ''breaking the cycle'' of low self-esteem that results from poverty, abuse and racism.

A native south Texan, Mario Bosquez overcame poverty, domestic violence and discrimination to become a multi-faceted communicator in the worldÂ’s number one television market. His 25-year career has been a study in contrasts. For years, Mario worked as a reporter, anchor and ''PM Magazine'' co-host while living in a government-sponsored home and struggling to help support his family.

In his new book ''The Chalupa Rules/A Latino Guide to Gringolandia'' maps out a way for Latinos to navigate life in the United States while always holding on to the history and values of their ancestors.

As a fourth-generation Chicano, Mario built his life and career as a broadcast journalist on the homespun ''dichos''/sayings that his family has always treasured. In addition, his own ''guides to Gringolandia'' are especially adapted to a changing world that constantly challenges Latinos to move ''adelante''/forward.