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Jacksonville, Florida, United States | INDIE

Jacksonville, Florida, United States | INDIE
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"Marion Crane May Be Jacksonville's Next Band to 'Make It Big'"

For a band whose line-up was only secured as recently as December 2008, Marion Crane has reached a pinnacle that most up-and-coming bands work for years to achieve. From a well established fan base whose numbers reach into the thousands, to receiving airplay on local radio station Planet Radio 107.3, to an upcoming CD release party for ‘Amphetamine’ on July 25th at local Jacksonville venue Jack Rabbits, the hard-hitting trio is well on it’s way to rock-and-roll stardom.

Marion Crane initially started with Thomas Hill recording a 4 song EP in the summer of 2008. For the EP, Thomas laid down all the vocals, guitar riffs, and bass grooves with Bobby Amaru providing the drumbeats and Stan Martell doing the producing and mixing. Response to the EP was impressive, with hundreds of internet radio stations featuring the music as well as the band’s first introduction onto iTunes.

Once the music started reaching fans and garnering tremendous enthusiasm, Thomas immediately started looking for talented musicians to join his project. Thus lead guitarist Jasper Judge, and drummer Adam Tillis entered the scene. Hill says the lineup came together pretty quickly, a rarity in todays metal scene. “I had started putting ads out for musicians back in October of 2008. By December I had a full band and the chemistry was there. I was very lucky to find dedicated musicians who had personalities that meshed.”

Once the permanent lineup was set, Marion Crane hit the road, playing shows across Northern Florida and exposing their music to a wide new fan base. Their fresh and unique sound instantly drew in the adoration of people who had been dying to hear something new in the realm of metal, and they started drawing in crowds by the hundreds. It wasn’t easy to get this recognition, as Hill states, “There are so many bands out there that people have to filter through, so you gotta make yourself unique enough to stand out so that they remember who you are.... and eventually, they give you a shot and will check your music out.”

It is their unique sound that has garnered them the admiration of metal-heads and club owners everywhere. Thomas’ vocals are dark and gritty yet clear, similar to that of Donald Carpenter of Submersed (if he lost a few octaves), and often times infused with a clean growl that is a refreshing break from the chaotic screaming found in most newly founded metal bands. Jasper’s trilling guitar riffs are melodic and heavily delivered, encouraging rushes of adrenaline and rage. If Billy Howerdel’s guitar (A Perfect Circle) and Aaron Finks’ (Breaking Benjamin) had a baby, it’s product might produce a similarly fast, heavy styled riff that you find yourself having stuck in your head for hours. Adam Tillis brings to the table hard-hitting beats that really push forth the aggression of the music and compliments the entire group and their sound. Every beat feels impeccably composed and intricately woven into the larger picture of the music, and just when you think you might start to calm down, he throws in a blasting roll sure to set you off again, at times even bringing an almost tribal styled sound similar to that of Danny Carey of Tool.

Not only do the group’s musical styles enmesh harmoniously, they recognize each other’s talents and strengths and each member works together as a whole to deliver to the crowd what they love to hear.
”When it comes to operating the band, we try to utilize everyone's strengths to maximize what we can do. No one person can do everything, and you wouldn't want it to be that way. Everyone has things they're good at. Jasper is an engineer, so he is very very good at logistics, making the show run, running sound, figuring out how to make it flow. I typically handle most of the website, but Jasper does help too. As far as music goes, being the rhythm guitar player and the vocalist, I have a lot of control over the arrangement of the songs, the chord progressions, and the vocal melodies. Adam is a solid drummer who puts on a great stage show. And Jasper brings a unique lead style though, and comes up with some great melodies.”

This cooperation throughout the band has catapulted them into a position many groups will never see, and brought to them some exciting experiences. In May 2009, Marion Crane performed at the 7th Annual Lex & Terry Ticket to Ride at Adamec Harley Davidson in Jacksonville, in support of the Autism Society of America, and impressed Lex and Terry enough that they decided to air songs “No Exit” and “Illegitimate” on their radio show. Says Hill of the experience, “Getting aired on the Lex & Terry show was probably the biggest thing to date [that made us realize we were getting somewhere], but we have a lot ahead of us. Most people are in shock when they find out our first show was only 4 months ago (February 2009).”

With deeply engrossing lyrics inspired by life, horror movies, and Edger Allen Poe, and an extreme sound to carry those lyrics into the ears and souls of thousands of fans, Marion Crane is a band that’s going places, and defiantly a band whose progress you will want to follow. Jacksonville hasn’t had such an original metal talent in a long time, and hopefully local bands everywhere can be inspired by their story. They prove that if you are dedicated and focused on your music, you don’t need a label to get your band exposed. The crowds will hear that your heart and soul is in your music, and everything else will follow naturally.

If you haven’t already, check out Marion Crane’s Myspace page, and you’ll have their songs stuck in your head in no time. As Thomas states, “All I say is that we haven't wasted any time at all in getting the word out and hopefully it continues to pay off.” And pay off it surely will. -

"Marion Crane LIVE 7/25/09 - "An insane mosh pit of girls and guys in the backdrop going absolutely mad""

July 25, 2009

Marion Crane and Fit For Rivals - Album Release Show
with Special Guests Swansinger at Jack Rabbits

by Ora "Tre" Brasel
published: August 11, 2009

I cannot think of another time when I was so completely excited to see local bands in my life, but the teaming up of Marion Crane and Fit for Rivals for their album releases was certainly such an occasion. Ever since I first witnessed what both of these bands were about a few weeks back I haven't been able to keep myself from telling others about them every chance I get.

Starting the evening off was a 3-piece group hailing from Orlando by the name of Swansinger. Considering the band only consisted of guitar/vocals, drums and keyboards, they still managed to bring a healthy and rhythmic set to the plate. From what I could interpret on my own, the lyrics on most of the tracks were able to add an additional level of depth to their set. On one track in particular, 'Eye For An Eye,' the singer's vocals came across as sounding somewhat similar to Interpol or Joy Division. Overall the band might still need a little polish, but it seems they are well on their way to getting there.

As I am starting to learn ever so quickly, when Fit For Rivals takes to the stage it is an event that everyone in attendance wants to see up close. It isn't too hard to understand why either, because this band is one you most surely do not want to get caught missing out on. Offering a little something for almost everyone in attendance, it is really hard to imagine one ever going away disappointed from one of their shows. On stage these guys and gal are a solid visual display of musical power and have a connectivity between one another that exudes through the crowd and pushes it to a climax with each and every song they play. Even the so-called slow song in their set, 'Burn,' takes you up on high and never lets you get to feeling too low or too slow. Sound problems are even made to be fun moments in the show, with band members aiding their singer's guitar, which was malfunctioning, and an audience member giving a hand with her mic stand, with her just smiling throughout the performance without missing a beat. On top of FFR's already fantastic songs, they chose to give all of us in attendance the special treat of doing their version of the NIN song 'We're In This Together Now.' Wow, I still have to pinch myself in disbelief that we are blessed enough to have this band here in our city, and if you haven't went to check them out yet, then kick yourself very hard and get the hell to their next show pronto!!!

Another band bringing great pride unto our city has to be the incomparable Marion Crane who, even on this evening of their album release party, are already being summoned to a Grammy award winning producer's studio to cut another. These guys like to come out of the gates every time with a sonic boom of power that forces you to pay attention to them regardless of whatever else you might have been doing prior to that. The crowd on this night wasn't doing anything prior, in fact they were poised and ready to go when they heard the call of all that power.

Armed and dangerous were those in attendance, in a scene that was both hilarious and insane. Imagine a Tom Jones show with women's underwear raining down on the stage, but with an insane mosh pit of girls and guys in the backdrop going absolutely off the walls mad. After about three songs most of the underwear had stopped from showering the stage, and Thomas Hill (vocalist, guitar) asked the audience, "What's up, you all out of bullets?"

Every time you think it is safe to take breath of air with this band they just come right back with another song to knock you back on your heels. Treating the crowd to all six songs off of their Adrenaline ep, and several others that weren't, they kept Jack Rabbits rocking heavy until they were done. The one sad announcement is that this show would be among the very last, if not the last here in Jacksonville before they head to the studio to work on their even newer album. This band is yet another band we should consider ourselves blessed to have in our city, and on this one if you didn't already get the memo about how much butt they kick then you might be having to wait awhile before their next performance here. If this is the case, do yourself a favor and don't let it happen again, because you most certainly don't want to miss another show like the one that these two fantastic bands pulled off here on this particular night. Make sure to go and pick up both of these bands' brand new CDs: Fit For Rivals' Steady Damage and Marion Crane's Adrenaline. - EU Jacksonville Magazine

"Marion Crane Spotlight - "While their combined efforts and musical abilities have forged a musical style difficult to pigeonhole in a specific genre, the core of the music is some serious hard rock that will rattle your senses.""

Marion Crane spotlight in EU Jacksonville Magazine

by Ora "Tre" Brasel
published: September 9, 2009

This month the EU spotlight burns brightly down on the talented local band Marion Crane. We got the great opportunity to catch up with them and discuss all the exciting things that they have in the works, from collaborating with Grammy award-winning producers to possibly going on tour with major acts.

For a band that hasn't even been together a full year it is extremely hard to believe just how perfectly they have put everything together so quickly. Marion Crane consists of four members and one of the most dedicated managers you will find with any band out there today. While their combined efforts and musical abilities have forged a musical style difficult to pigeonhole in a specific genre, the core of the music is some serious hard rock that will rattle your senses. Thomas Hill (vocals, guitar) created the first breath of life for the band when he made four songs in early '08 that gained quick attention through internet radio and a release on iTunes. Near the end of that same year Hill enlisted the services of Jasper Judge for lead guitar, and shortly there after they brought aboard Adam Tillis on drums. All three went to work immediately, and the result was the recently released Amphetamine E.P. Then, this July, Henry McMillan came into the fold to play bass after first helping with photo work for the band. "We have been very fortunate with finding members," says Hill about the fact that none of the members knew one another prior to working together. Each member was found on the first audition. Now with a solid four musicians in place they are about to begin their latest assault on the musical world.

Next up for the band is a trip to Royal Studios to work with lifetime achievement Grammy winner Willie Mitchell. Mitchell has produced over 400 artists in his career, and was determined to get the band into the studio to produce after he heard what they bring to the table. Their plans are to hit the studio around November or December, and hopefully have the album completed in time for an early 2010 release. Also in the works is a possible tour on which they will be opening for a major act, which still hasn't been confirmed, and manager Charlie Lightcap couldn't divulge who it might be at the time of our sit down together. Though later on he did note the fact that "it looks pretty promising that it will happen."

If you haven't heard Marion Crane yet, then rest assured it will not be too long before you do. With all of the things they are at work on currently, and the fact that they already have enough songs created for another album or two after this one, there's a good chance they'll be on everyone's radar very soon. - EU Jacksonville Magazine

"Album Review - "On their first E.P. of six songs Marion Crane make a concrete statement of their arrival""

Album Review: Marion Crane - Amphetamine E.P.

by Ora "Tre" Brasel
published: August 28, 2009

On their first E.P. of six songs Marion Crane make a concrete statement of their arrival through deep and dark as hell lyrics, and a hard-driving musical landscape that fits around every word like a glove.

Four of the tracks- 'Illegitimate,' 'No Exit,' 'The Cycle,' and 'Criminal'- were originally done as part of a project that Thomas Hill (vocals, guitar) created and put together himself to fully bring out the nightmare in his head, and Marion Crane is the soundtrack to that nightmare. With Jasper Judge (lead guitar), Adam Tillis (drums) and Stan Martell (bass) at his side on this E.P., they have really managed to bring the nightmare to life in every way musically possible, and unlike most nightmares this is one you truly want to have your eyes, ears and mind open to experiencing.

The two newer songs on Amphetamine, 'Sociopath' and 'Adrenaline,' are further evidence that as a band the possibilities are endless to where they can go if they keep producing tracks like the ones presented here. Each song manages to project a different, direct and vivid world into the listener's ears with intensity or controlled fury, but at the same time still manages to keep connectivity between them.

It is hard to really say what deserves the most praise, because every element seems to have been done to near perfection. The vocals come in so many different varieties and sounds, and just when you think it sounds like another musician you are familiar with, Hill twists it in his own original way that you never see coming. On each and every track the guitar work by Hill and Judge manages to intertwine together magnificently with the rhythmic foundation of Tillis and Martell to create a synergistic effect that pushes and burns each of the songs further into the folds of your brain.

If you want a glimpse into the future of new music, especially that which leans toward the heavier side of the alternative/rock universe, then by all means you should seek out marion Crane and this E.P. out to experience yourself. The only complaint that I have whatsoever is that these six great songs make you yearn for another fix from the band. Perhaps this is why it is titled Amphetamine. - EU Jacksonville Magazine


Debut album "The New Religion" will be released this spring via Full Effect Records.



Named after a character in Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film, Psycho, Marion Crane has been active in the Southeastern United States since 2009, opening for acts such as Fuel and Sevendust, while independently producing their own albums, as well as their own music videos.

Founded in 2008 by singer/guitarist S. Thomas Crane, the band has had music featured in independent films and national radio programs such as Lex and Terry. The band signed to Full Effect Records (Sony/RED) at the beginning of 2012 and will be releasing their debut album, "The New Religion" this spring.

You can view the band's latest music video here: