Richmond, Virginia, USA

Marionette (Richmond, VA) plays moody cinematic psych rock, the feverish implications of which are amplified with the accompanying original film projections and intense light show.


Melding the farthest edges of psychedelia, the ghost beat of Krautrock and subtle ambient touches with raw indie spirit, Richmond, Virginia’s Marionette crafts a truly unique experience that leaves the listener hungry for more. Their sinewy songwriting is remarkably difficult to classify thanks to the group's conscious avoidance of standard rock idioms and it is clear that Marionette is a valuable gem in the underground music scene.

Setting out across the east coast to bring their heartfelt live show to new audiences, Marionette has shared the stage with a decorated list of artists including The National, Tortoise, tUnE-yArDs, The Whigs, Miniature Tigers, Handsome Furs and Hotel Lights. Ever focused on pushing themselves to create and expand past their already genre defying brand of art meets music, the four piece delved deep and entered the studio in May 2011 to record a follow up to their already well received “Facing You.” The soon-to-be completed recordings promise to be a tangle of influences: Personal surrealism, courtesy of Sparklehorse. The multifaceted melodies of Brian Wilson. Disembodied keyboard freak-outs, via early Pink Floyd. Reverent psych redux via the 21st century, similar to Broadcast. Taut ensemble construction that brings to mind the band Magazine. And a breadth and depth somehow redolent of the incomparable Can. It is clear after witnessing the band’s emotional performances, Marionette is comfortable and at home on stage. Larger-than-life video collages made of ephemeral films are projected on the band as the room imperceptibly fills with haze and their insidious rhythms and intertwining melodies seamlessly coalesce into the soundtrack for a fever dream, haunting your brain long after awakening.

As the bold subtlety of their performance mesmerizes the listener and the projections establish innumerable secondary plots, that is the moment when the lights start to move. Forfeiting all but hard work and a love for the music they create, it is clear that what truly separates Marionette from their contemporaries is not flashy pictures or clandestine article, but the ability to ignite and addict a listener with a single chord.

“It took only one listen to be sucked in by their layers of sound…Marionette is the kind of band you know will be discovered by a larger audience, so get out and see them now.” –Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA)

Scored a top ten song in NA Magazine’s Top Ten Songs of 2008 (alongside Air, the Arcade Fire, Spoon, St. Vincent, and the New Pornographers)–NA Magazine (selected by editors)

“With ‘Facing You’, Marionette renews its emphasis on song writing, finding its own voice within the history of rock music.” –Style Weekly (Richmond, VA)


All You Need

Written By: Marionette

this is it from the inside
it's all you need
this is where the building crumbled
this is your disease
now i'm here in the beehive
and you are down on your knees
this is where the bomb's exploding
and it's all for free

it's the same old song
and it's what you believe
don't you ever notice?

you just happend to be here
and we just happend to see
it just so happens the world is watching
your celebrity
so you can take it or leave it
it's all the same to me
at every corner another victim
of society

it's the same old song
and it's what you believe
don't you ever notice?

you said you'd try
you said you'd die

you want to be on the inside
you want to be on the screen
but you are having a hard time dealing
with your apathy
well here's a tip for a quick rise
copy what you have seen
give us something the world remembers
and we will make you a king

it's the same old song
and it's what you believe
don't you ever notice?

you said you'd try
you said you'd die

Four Voices

Written By: Marionette

kiss me goodybe
you know i'll miss you
but this is the time
and you know i have to
and i know that tears
are all you can see
remember the years
when we were happy

afloat in a dream
i watched it falling down
and funny it seemed
to go without a sound
but light on the breeze
i heard the whispering
awake from your sleep
four voices calling me

help me
save me
i can't believe what you're saying

kiss me goodbye
you know i'll miss you
but keep this in mind
whatever you do
the birth had a plan
and that was everything
but there is an end
and this is where i'll be

hold me
stay with me
i can't believe what you're doing

help me
save me
i can't believe that you're leaving

Over The Radio

Written By: Marionette

with or without it
is all that we see
but something bigger
is waiting for me

i know
it's over the radio
i know
it's just past the trees

and leaving the city
is part of the climb
the reason for leaving
is what we will find

i know
it's over the radio
i know
it's just past the trees

and i remember
the day you went home
the end of november
felt so alone

i know
i made my bed for you
i know
it's just across the sea

now since we are waiting
what can we do?
don't fall asleep now
i can't wait for you

i know
time won't wait for us
i know
when it's time to leave
i know
it's over the radio
i know
it's just past the trees

Disappearing Act

Written By: Marionette

14 billion and one and counting fast
14 seconds to understand
a misconception that all is built to last
the secret slight of hand
so all you're asking me to do
with all your hidden facts
here's a look at your final point of view
my disappearing act

and every inch of every day
every moment packed
anticipating my will to wear away
and pull the curtain back
but what you did'nt understand
and all you could'nt see
there's one thing you cannot plan
cause it's up to me (or) cause is up to me

say the word
don't wait for me
the air is calm
but soon you'll see
is disappearing
as we breathe
i don't belong to you

i know this is how it ends
it's right here and now
i know you're my only friend
little darling don't forget me
oh my darling don't forget me


Written By: Marionette

La La La La La La La...

Don't believe this song
Don't be led along
Carved as the fool
You'll know what to do

Torn in two
You know what to do

The jacks are in your hand
They will turn to sand
Dyed in the wool
The thumb will break the rule

Feel you need a moment to recover
Feel you are not different than the others
Oh ooh You know what to do

They will know your name
The horse that broke the reigns
Time to move
The stem discards the bloom
Torn in two
All eyes are watching you

La La La La La La La...


“Facing You” (2009 CD album)
1. Sound Asleep*
2. Facing You*,**
3. Disappearing Act
4. Orchid
5. Four Voices*
6. Lines
7. The Weather
8. All You Need
9. Wavering*
10. It Was Nice Meeting You*
11. Over The Radio*
*Have received regional radio play
**Featured within Style Weekly Magazine's "That One Song" and The Sounds of Richmond, Vol. III compilation

“You Are Here” (2007 EP)
1. Tricycles*
2. Alice*
3. Siren*
4. Some People Say
5. Your World*,***
6. Come Home*
*Have received regional radio play
*** The commercial theme music for local WRIR radio's "Activate" show.

Set List

Sets can last from 30 minutes to three hours of orginal music (with a cover or two thrown in occasionally) depending on show schedules. A recent short set (with most songs from our LP which is currently in progress) is as follows:
--Disappearing Act
--All You Need
--Prize Fighter
--Seed the Sky
--Shadow of Doubt