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"'Spite Press Quotes"

"The opening body blows of ‘Parasite’ and ‘Legion’ are sturdy, before ‘Release’, which with its rocket lifting-off-then-bursting-into-orbit feel is unexpected yet fearless about ditching melody in favour of a good old kicking."
Rock Sound Magazine UK

"The band perfectly blend melodies into their savagery so that every song is equally crushing and catchy at the same time. And with a reputedly stunning live show, Spite proves that the band certainly have the sonic side of things already sewn up nicely."
Kerrang! Magazine, UK

"Marionette have created an extremely heavy and barbaric, yet elegant, debut album most metal bands would be happy to claim as their own.”

“For about half this debut’s running time it’s a beating worth taking, particularly since it’s one that also packs in some surprisingly graceful swathes of keyboard-hewn expanse that don’t detract from the primary objective of rearranging your innards.”

“Sweden should be proud that, even with the ‘mellowing out’ of heavyweights such as In Flames and Soilwork as of late, it can still produce some of the most interesting and compelling new music, and if they can continue to build upon the positives of ‘Spite’, Marionette seem certain to become one of its premier exports.”

“Whilst every successful scene suffers from an overkill of bands, it’s nice to see bands like Marionette who recognise the need to add a different twist. It’s this ability to take a genre of music and still make it sound fresh and exciting that will make Spite and Marionette such a success.”

"Spite is chock-full of aggression, features some of the most memorable melodic guitar lines so far this year.”

"Smart, well arranged songs all through the album, and Marionette never stray an inch from this. Calm songs? Ballads? Forget it. This is straight forward and in your face all the time."

"Marionette are an injection of freshness in the Gothenburg sound."
GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN – 4/5 - Metal Hammer, Kerrang! and MORE

"Enemies Quotes"

"So hat moderner Schweden-Death-Metal zu klingen!" - Fuze Magazine

"One of the best brutality-meets-melodic-albums of 2009!!" - Scarred For Life

"For some time the Gothenburg scene has needed someone to come along and give it a really kick up the ass, Marionette might just be the band to do that." Planet Loud Zine

"You might not expect this from guys with such fashionable haircuts, but with this record, they definitely give all narrow minded criticasters a big slap in the face." - Rock Tribune NL

"Enemies is one huge nuclear assault!" Antenna Zine

"Enemies bristles with enough exhilarating moments to make it worth of inclusion in any melodic death metal fan's collection." -Metal Hammer UK

"The final track ‘The Truth’ gently leads you out of the brutality and leaves you with a warm feeling that lets you know you enjoyed listening all the way through and will do it again." -

"Marionette is very hard to compare with any otherwell—established act as they are one of the kind. Enemies isdefinitely a pleasant surprise and it can highly be recommendedfor all the fans of the Swedish-style melo-death metal" -

"There is a plethora of musical twists and turns to make Enemies a really interesting listen, again, again and again." 8/10

"the two sides of Marionette’s coin, raw speed and melody, do end up co-existing and together are a gruesome, elegant, ugly, beautiful anomaly." - Ultimate Guitar, 8/10 - Various publications:


"Enemies" - 2009 (Full Length) - Listenable Records

"Spite" - 2008 (Full Length) - Listenable Records



MARIONETTE has injected new light and energy into the Swedish death metal genre since bursting onto the scene with Spite (2008). The band is currently building on its successful 2009 European tours in support of Enemies with its “The SlaughTour 2010” U.K headline tour and dates in Scandinavia with fellow Gothenburgers Dark Tranquillity.

Founded in 2005 by high school friends bassist Mikael Medin, guitarist/backing vocalist Aron Parmerud and keyboardist Linus Johansson, MARIONETTE quickly gained substantial attention as newcomers to the Swedish metal scene by winning or placing high in a series of national and international music contests. Concurrently, the band broke the Gothenburg sound mold - taking inspiration from unexpected places - while adapting new visual approaches, often putting the band at odds with self-absorbed elitists. In early 2008 MARIONETTE recorded its debut album Spite which was mixed and mastered by Christian Silver (Sonic Syndicate). Following the worldwide release of Spite in spring of the same year, MARIONETTE forged a dedicated following on the back of tours with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter in Europe; Scandinavia with Deathstars and Sonic Syndicate; and the UK as a headliner and with the Deathstars. Immediately after the intense touring schedule for Spite, MARIONETTE began writing material for Enemies.

In keeping with the approach established for Spite, MARIONETTE assembled a production team for Enemies which included Pontus Hjelm (Dead By April) and two-time Swedish Grammy award winning producer Åke Parmerud. Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, At The Gates, Bring Me The Horizon) and Peter In De Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah) handled mixing and mastering duties respectively. Enemies was born to critical acclaim upon its European release in late 2009 and early 2010 in North America and Japan. Special recognition given to the band’s aggressive sound, “stylistic depth”, “technical cohesion”, and an intrinsic ability to walk the line between relentless heaviness and commercial appeal (Kerrang! Magazine). Heavy touring followed including Scandinavian dates with Five Finger Death Punch in November 2009 and European dates with Blessthefall. Enemies was nominated for a Swedish Metal Award in the category of “Best Death Metal Album” of 2009.

In July 2010 MARIONETTE entered Studio Fredman with producer Fredrik Nordström to begin recording the band’s as yet unnamed third album, the first to feature new vocalist Alexander Andersson. The band will take a break from recording in fall 2010 to perform on its headlining “The Slaughtour 2010” of the U.K. and to support fellow Gothenburgers Dark Tranquillity for the final Scandinavian dates of “Where Death Is Most Alive Part II” Tour. With a mobilized, energetic, fanbase, and new album well on the way, MARIONETTE’s continued efforts to challenge and stir up the metal establishment will not go unnoticed.

* * * *

Members: (Name – Instrument – Year Of Birth)
Alexander Andersson – Vocals – 1990
Aron Parmerud – Guitars and Backing Vocals – 1987
Anton Modig – Guitars– 1986
Mikael Medin – Bass – 1987
Linus Johansson – Keyboard – 1987
Robert Johansson – Drums (temporary)



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password: pivotal666

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