Aberdeen, Scotland, GBR

Marionettes music is played LOUD and fast. Marionettes music is Indie Pop music. Marionettes music will make you smile. Marionettes music will raise the dead. Marionettes music will make you dance. Marionettes music will cook your Gran a lovely dinner. Marionettes music will protect you from ghosts.


Marionettes play frantic indie pop music with a punk driven edge. It is played loud.
Specialists in melodic hook based tunes with frenzied tempos, coupled with cutting social commentary.

Having self-released the free digital EP, "Shrinking Violets" at the end of 2011, the band were quickly snapped up by label Bedford Records for a 2012 release.

You can watch the video for Shrinking Violets here:

Having circulated Scotland's music scene since 2007, Marionettes have developed their sound and supported the likes of The Joy Formidable, Errors, 1990s, The Wave Pictures, The Parlotones, Sky Larkin, The Ordinary Boys and Japanese Voyeurs to name but a few.

The new EP, "The Rightness of Blindness" will be available April 9th 2012 via Bedford Records.

here are some nice things people have said about Marionettes:

“Shrinking Violets is an insatiable shot of indie-pop decorated with shout-along hooks and intricate guitar melodies." Hot for the Encore

"...The Marionettes are one of these bands who have risen way above the pale in terms of musical ability and pretty clever lyrics..." The Fly

"…Packing some seriously catchy indie-pop tunes, it is brilliant fun…" Hercules Moments (On the "My New Marionettes EP")

"...If this band can go on to maximise it's full potential, the good word will spread all over the country..." Eejit Records

"...very fast, very loud and very promising..." Culturedeluxe

"...Tight, melodic and energetic..." The Kiosque


EP: The Rightness Of Blindness (Bedford Records 2012)

Track listing:

1, Horrorscope
2, Dishwipe Fishwife
3, Panda Bears

Our new EP, available both physically and digitally as of April 9th courtesy of Bedford Records. Preview it here: