Marion Faith Laird

Marion Faith Laird


A blend of new & old-style Country/Western, Contemporary Christian Country & Rock music, with a twist of salsa, bluegrass, Celtic, World, Messianic and classical thrown in from time to time. Check out the updated files!


Marion started singing (with words) at fifteen months old, and sang her first church solo at the age of two. After that, it was hard to get her to STOP singing! She began playing the piano at three years, and the guitar at thirteen. She gave her life to the Lord at an early age, and grew up in church all over the country, as her dad was in the Navy. With roots firmly planted in the South, she has spent most of her life in the West, with one year in Hawaii, six years on the East Coast in places as diverse as the Tidewater of Virginia and the west coast of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. All of that traveling in her early life gave her a love for the road, and introduced her to all kinds of music.
At home, she was exposed to all the greats (and not so greats) of Classical, Jazz, Blues, and Country music, and at school and on the road, everything else, from Rock to Folk to all kinds of ethnic and world music. This gave Marion an appreciation for many forms of music, and a desire to explore all forms of sound. This early training and exposure gives Marion's music the variety that keeps her from being locked into one genre. She can sing just about anything, although she prefers Christian and Country. However, she also loves old songs from the early Twentieth Century, can do ballads, and plays classical guitar along with accompanying herself to sing.
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Sunday Morning Dreams (c) MFL, registered with BMI

Written By: Marion Faith Laird

V1. A teenage girl walks down the aisle and sees her wedding day
She sees her boyfriend standing there and knows what he will say.
But then her mother takes her arm and guides her to the pew,
and says "Honey, where's your mind today? What's gonna become of you?"
But the girl's dreaming
CHORUS: Sunday morning dreams,
All she could ever want, it seems
and the future is just as bright as the noonday sun,
But she doesn't hear the sermon,
Or understand that its themes
Fit one by one
By the Loving Son
With her Sunday Morning Dreams.
V.2 Well, the local high school quarterback sits an aisle or two away
Going over last night's football game, analyzing play by play.
And he's dreaming of the big time
First in college, then the pros,
And he's willing to make the sacrifice
To go as far as his talent goes.
And the Guy's dreaming
CHORUS: Sunday morning dreams,
All he could ever want, it seems.
And the future is just as bright as the noonday sun.
But he doesn't hear the sermon,
Or understand that its themes
Fit one by one
By the Loving Son
With his Sunday morning dreams.
BRIDGE: Ask and keep on asking,
It shall be given unto you.
Seek and keep on seeking,
And ye shall find.
Knock and keep on knocking,
It shall be opened unto you.
That's what they would have heard, if the sermon were on their mind.
V3. Well, today the featured soloist
sits proudly in the choir.
Her music made the rafters ring, and her voice was filled with fire.
And now her mind is wandering as the preacher speaks away,
As she sees herself up on a stage in Music City, USA. And they're all dreaming
CHORUS: Sunday morning dreams,
All they could ever want, it seems.
And the future is just as bright as the noonday sun.
But they don't hear the sermon, or understand that its themes
Fit one by one
By the Loving Son
With their Sunday morning dreams.
Yeah, they fit one by one,
By the Loving Son,
With their Sunday morning dreams!


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Set List

Typical Christian Set:
"Divine Mystery"
"Sunday Morning Dreams"
"Lord, You Are the Way"
"Lord, Keep Your Mighty Hand on Me" (cover)
"One Day at a Time" (cover)
"Make Me Remember"
"Baruch Ha Shem"
"El Shaddai" (cover)
"Lord You Are My Strength and My Song"

Typical Country Set:
"It Don't Sound Much Like Country"
"Country Dreams"
"How Many Broken Hearts Did You Leave in Texas?"
"The Richest Girl in the World" (Buck Owens's "The Richest Man in the World," redux cover)
"On the Road Again" (cover)
"Another Piece of Broken Heart"

Typical Singalong Set:
"Home on the Range"
"Red River Valley"

Typical Classical Guitar Set includes pieces by Tarrega, Mozart, Sor, Carcassi, etc.