Marion Grace

Marion Grace

BandAmericanaAdult Contemporary

Passionate, bluesy, complex, sophisticated, raw, thoughtful, theatrical, rocking, inspired, honest. We love to play and when the room starts to listen and get involved, beautiful and crazy things can start to happen. Come down and join us for a show and see for yourself.


Marion Grace the concept started in Ny in 2002 and came to fruition in 2005 while Ralph Graceffa and Aaron Cloutier were kickin around the Tankfarm in South Portland. Before long Clara Junkin, Jesse Adamo, and Matt Young were added and the Marion Grace Family was born...and that's what we are Family. Creativity, Collaboration, and Longevity are the three ingredients that keep us going and it's nice to know that it takes every one of us to create the sound that is Marion Grace. The three tracks we have on Myspace are from 2005 and were recorded in a Barn... We are anxious to put the songs that we are recording now (EP due out MARCH) onto MySpace... we are hard at work recording with Tom Acousti in his Portland Studio. Music is a blessing and we are happy to be one of Portland's Bands. We are a completely original outfit that is committed to growth, both musically and spiritually. Come down to a show and join the MG family.. till then. MG


My Favorite Escape (Demo - 2006)

Set List

King has Come, Pocket, City of Wind, City, Wrong Road, Blue Sky, Before I Rest, San Francisco, Thrill That I'm After, Walking on Water, Crazy. Our sets are typically 45 minutes to an hour long. We will usually do 2-3 sets per show.