Marion Write

Marion Write

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Soulful with solid lyrical delivery and content that will bring you back to the essence of hip hop. Eminent performances with crowd control and exceptional set creativity. Put it this way, he can rock a crowd with new listeners as if they've been following his music for years.


A Virginia Beach native where he started his musical career with legendary soul producer Leon Sylvers III; as a young child working with him for years has mentored Marion Write the valuables of the entertainment industry and the importance of performance, not only in the studio, but on stage. Marion has also worked briefly with Teddy Riley of Blackstreet thru Leon.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2000 really set his motivation to continue music as a solo artist. He linked with a prominent club Dj who let him use his home studio for demos as well as letting him perform at his DJ night gigs.

In 2006, He linked up with Don Burns (management) who Marion briefly worked with and was able to open up for Rich Boy @ Vault 350 in 2007 where he blessed the Long Beach, CA crowd of 500+. Marion has also worked with Grammy Award winning producer Tiger Roberts who produced Gladys Knight's 2001 Grammy winning album "At Last"

In 2008 Marion released his first solo project "Chikin Fingrz & Loud Music" in which landed him a spot on the 9Grand Clothing team. 9Grand Clothing decided to sponsor his music as an entertainer. 9Grand is responsible for fitting acts such as Bun B (seen in The International Playas Anthem Video), Affion Crockett, U-N-I and Chingo Bling. Marion runs along those lines of entertainers with one of the most noted street brands out.

Marion also helps 9Grand with promotion and also gave him the chance to work with other up & coming producers such as Bigg Faahz, Power 106 Radio Dj/Host, who's done production for MTV's Breakout LA Artist of the year U-N-I. Marion then linked with former 88.1 radio host Dwight Dyer to become his publicist and help him book more shows outside of LV and overseas.

Marion has done many performances in and outside the Las Vegas area such as Vault 350 (Long Beach) UNLV, The Box Office Art District, Zia Records is a renowned performer and Alumni at The BlackBook Sessions in Las Vegas.

Marion also performs with Dj Finyl, together known as "The Greater Good". Dj Finyl is a Las Vegas DJ and also Undefeated Las Vegas Chapter's go-to DJ. He's DJ'd for Mighty Healthy as well as being the DJ for Camp Lo at UNDFTD/Stussy.

Later in the year Marion Write will release his most anticipated solo release "The Epilogue to Greatness" as well as an EP with DJ Finyl. Both projects are estimated to be picked up by 5,000+ fans and listeners nationwide.

Side note- Marion loves fashion!!!


"Unleashed" -single (2007) radio play in LV, CA & NC.

"9Grand presents: The Magic Hour" -mixtape (2008)

"Chikin Fingrz & Loud Music" -mixtape (2008)

"When the Sun Sets" -single (2009) radio play in Las Vegas

Set List

Marion Write runs a few different sets. His sets range between 10min-45min.

Depending if he will be performing with his DJ (DJ Finyl) will determine the songs he will do.

common songs performed are:
"The Pledge"
"High Like Planes"
"17 Yrs Remix"
"When The Sun Sets"
"Oh Yeah"
"Oh Lord"