Mario Pascal

Mario Pascal

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Mario is a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist in his own genre."Its funny all the time people ask me what kind of music do I play. I tell them what I play you ain’t never heard. There is no section in the stacks for AfroFolkFunkRootsRockReggae.From solo acoustic to full band, Mario does it all!


With intellect and historical perspective, Mario Pascal is a refreshing new artist in World Music and Global Fusion. As a child of Haitian immigrants, his beginnings were humble and inspired. .Mario Pascal began his career writing and reciting poetry in college. Over time, his writings grew to lyrics and musical compositions. Today, Mario is a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist in his own musical genre. "Its funny all the time people ask me what kind of music do I play. I tell them what I play you ain’t never heard. There is no section in the stacks for AfroFolkFunkRootsRockReggae with spiritual consciousness.

Mario describes his own music as fun, uplifting, groovin, and thought-provoking. “Roots music is about people moving to life’s rhythms. Some of those stories can be meaningful and still be fun. All songs that I write or choose to play I relate to in some way, shape, or form. My music will always reflect who I am.”

Mario Pascal’s voice is seasoned with the experiences of living in a transformational era in America yet shaped by his ancestral memories. “This is more than just music, to me it is a ministry. I’m on a mission to call the together the righteous souls of the earth for the sake moving to a higher more colorful vibration.

Spanning musical the spectrum, Mario’s influences range from Haitian Folk Songs to Hip-Hop. In addition, one of Mario’s greatest influences, the prophet of reggae music Bob Marley, “showed me that you can have a major affect on people, places, and systems alike with the simple stroke of a guitar, and a melody that captures the hearts of people of all kinds.”
While Mario’s heart is in reggae music, he also credits his family as influential role models to him. “The more that I learn about my past and family lineage I become filled with a greater sense of purpose and drive. To know the struggles, hardships, joy, and success that different family members have achieved in different parts of their lives guides me to new voices, thoughts, lyrics, and melodies that I thought were not present or possible. It is my greatest hope to convey these rhythms and sounds in a way that resonates deeply with my audience as much as it does within me.”

Mario’s strongest intention is that his music will provide a new means for him to reach out to his community. “I am also an educator so I know how the youth struggle to find their place in a world so much more confusing and distracting than when I was growing up. I know they need guidance and protection from the ills of the world that claim to have their best interests in place. Music is a way for us to meet on common ground and relate on one human vibration no matter where the person may find challenges in their own lives.

Throughout his life, musical and other influences have shaped Mario Pascal’s songwriting abilities that garner energy from the ancient skills of West African Oral Tradition yet with modern sensibility. Mario’s reggae fuzion(fusion) sound is rooted in Rootz and Rockerz of Trenchtown yet pulls from the congas of AfroCuba, guitar strokes from Bossa Nova Brasil, vocal and musical arrangements from traditional Haitian Troubadours, wrapped around tightly in a banner of red, gold, and green fast and furious AfroBeat N Funk.
Mario has plans to complete his 2nd independent album by the Spring 2011, while performing on bigger and more diverse stages. Following his upcoming CD release concert to perform songs from his new album, Mario Pascal will be making short tours around the U.S. promoting Mario Pascal: Trial By Fire. “We are living in some interesting times where extremes are manifesting in ways that have never been seen or experienced; from my people suffering in Haiti to people in different parts of the world experiencing new freedoms and joys never thought possible. I want to take that ride with my audience and use my voice and music as a way to ease the stress and guide a light toward what makes us better as people, human-beings, and as children of the Most High, Jah Rastafari!”


Light Up the Darkness-LP(2009)

Set List

(Setlist may vary overtime)
1st Set
1) Rasta Redentor
2) Crucial
3) Thief in the Night
4) Goza
5) Leve Ayiti
6) No Woman No Cry
7) Propoganda

2nd Set
1) Betrayal
2) Prisoner
3) Once in a Lifetime *New Song*
4) Stir It Up
5) Golden Lady
6) Exilio
7) Sube El Humo

3rd Set
1) Rastafari Paradise
2) Start the Spark
3) Blossom
4) I Shot the Sheriff
5) Leskalye
6) Tive Razao
7) Sunshine