Mario MJ Racadio

Mario MJ Racadio


Mario"MJ" Racadio- Pop Recording Artist, a versatile singer/performer.Style- Michael Jackson meets between Darren Hayes and Marc Anthony.Awarded Millennium Artist of the Year 1999 & 2001 from Las Vegas Officials.One of the Best Male Vocalist from and featured artist of Next Big Hit.


Mario"MJ" Racadio- a versatile singer/performer.His musical influences are Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin,Marc Anthony,Martin Nievera,BSB,Josh Groban.Racadio's 1st hit single "Burning Memory" charted #1 @ IAC(Independent Artists Company) and featured in several internet radio.

"Millennium Artist of the Year 2001," Singer Mario Racadio proves that perseverance can turn dreams into reality. Awarded as Millennium Artist of the Year 2001 by Las Vegas local officials during his first solo concert, "Stars Are Born".Born and raised in the Philippines, Racadio began singing at age five and performing at talent shows, family gatherings, and in his church program. After moving to the U.S. in 1996, Racadio joined an alternative/pop band, "RASH" and performed at various events. Racadio's credits include Tony Award Winning Broadway/Musical Show "Titanic New Musical", "Whistle Down The Wind" "Outrage On Stage," "The Gathering In the West" .Racadio is also a part of "PETS," a hit off Broadway musical revue, produced and directed by Full Circle Theatre in La Jolla, California.Mario has shared the stage with such artists as Andrey Silva of 6th Day (formerly known KAI) Honeyluv (formerly known Premiere), Banig, Lalaine (Miranda of Lizzie McGuire), Armi Guzman, Sheena Easton, Clint Holmes.


*Burning Memory*

Written By: Rolando A. Gaza, Raul d' Ablaing

*Burning Memory*
So you think you can run away, so you think you can hide away and you left me in this world of darkness and the memory, it's burning, burning memory.

Pain in my heart,blistered on my mind. Doctor can't cure the pain. I left her behind searching for a better life.I promised that I'm gonna comeback but she left me for someone else.

Burning memory, it's planted in my brain.
Oceans can't washed away
I've done no harm, only the feelings, I didn't realized that feeling, it's more than a goal she was the only love, I ever needed, but now she's loving someone new.

Burning memory, she's always on my mind.
Memory it's driving me crazy.

No revenge, but I wasted my time,no cursing. I was blind stabed from behind, lies and broken promises, but I need her love and care and her promises. It was'nt really and it's burning flame of the memory.It never fades away.


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Set List

Burning Memory-(Dance Version)
Bring Back the Sunshine
Nobody wants to be lonely
You raise me up
I need to know
Burning Memory-Pop/Rock Version