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"MJ hits NY"

Friday, April 29, 2005

MJ hits NY

Pinoy singer set to perform in New York International Music Festival

By Zena Sultana Babao

Another Filipino is making a mark in the American recording industry.

Fresh from the successful release of his single “Burning Memory” over Internet radio, 26-year-old Mario “MJ” Racadio is already set to launch his first album next month in San Diego, California.

But his biggest break will happen on June 24 at the Crown Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Racadio will get to showcase his singing prowess at the prestigious New York International Music Festival.

The California-based artist will perform in the six-day festival that is expected to draw throngs of people at Nevada’s Fremont Street.

The New York music festival serves as the proper venue to discover and showcase new talents. It welcomes signed and unsigned artists from all over the world, and from the music genres of pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, rap, reggae, classical, experimental, folk, country and gospel.

Racadio, tagged by his US fans as the “Millennium Artist,” will perform his first single, “Burning Memory,” at the festival. The song hit the airwaves in March when it was featured at the and several MP3 sites. “Burning Memory” hit number one in two weeks and still remains in the Top 10 charts.

On May 10, Racadio will formally launch his album carrying his first single to the public at Yokozuna’s Sushi Bar & Islander Grill, located at 945 Otay Lakes Road, Suite M&N, in Chula Vista.

“Burning Memory” is released under Racadio’s independent label, MGR Records. Its lyrics and music were written by Rolando A. Gaza, drummer of the Foreign Xchange Band, which also performs in Racadio’s recordings.

The single had become a certified hit after its release worldwide on Internet radio through the website In just several weeks, the single earned over 10,000 hits.

Praises for Racadio’s song are already pouring from several parts of the United States and even from Germany, London and Canada.

“It feels good . . . and I’m thankful my talent is being recognized,” Racadio said. “I also love the song because it reminds me so much of my life story.”

Besides pop music, the young singer performs ballads, R&B, hip-hop Vibe, and Original Pilipino Music. He was even asked once by Manny Tagalog, son of the famous “King of Ballads” Ruben Tagalog, to sing some of his original songs.

Racadio’s voice is Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin combined. And he admits that these singers are part of his strong music influences. Singers Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, Elton John and Laura Brannigan are his other inspirations.

At the moment, Racadio trains under vocal coach Armi Guzman. His sister, Mariebeth Racadio, manages his music career. Working closely with the Racadios is the MJ Racadio Fans Club headed by Terilyn Pimentel.

Besides the New York music festival, Racadio has been tapped to perform in other shows.

On April 17, he appeared at the Mabuhay Channel in San Francisco Bay Area. His next gig is on July 30 at Knott’s Soak City Water Park in Chula Vista, where Racadio will once more grace the upcoming 8th Annual Filipino Family Day 2005. Good signs, indeed, that this fast-rising singer has never forgotten his Filipino roots.

- Manila Times

"“MJ” Racadio Does It Again!"

“MJ” Racadio Does It Again!
Dance Version of “Burning Memory” charted #2
By: Zena Sultana Babao

San Diego, Calif.- Mario “MJ” Racadio’s dance version of his hit single “Burning Memory” charted #2 in the Independent Dance Charts at this week, and may soon top the charts before the week is over.

The original version of “Burning Memory” stayed number one in the airwaves for a few weeks, even before Racadio’s own independent label, MGR Records, formally released the CD to the public. The formal release will be done at Racadio’s live show and party on Tuesday, May 10, at 7:30 p.m. at the Yokozuna’s Sushi Bar & Islander Grill at Otay Lakes Road, Suite M&N, in Chula Vista.

After the dance version became No. 2 in the dance charts, Racadio email address received lots of great reviews from all over the world. Here’s two of them: “Wow! What a sound! Very professional production! The bass line has real depth. And everything is just so crisp. A surefire dance floor hit!”, U.S.A. “Wonderful! What a great sound! Fantastic! 10 out of 10!”- DJ Sunshine, Hessen, Germany.

Racadio credits the success of the dance version of “Burning Memory” to his producer, Raul d’ Ablaing, of this city. D’ Ablaing has been a music producer since 1992 when he produced his first published recording for the artist Gary Murphy on the Sheik Records label.

The following year, d’ Ablaing co- produced and co- wrote the song “Why Do You Treat Me Badly? For the artist Leticia on the Ventura International Record label. This song topped the Dance Music Authority’s magazine’s Freestyle chart in July of 1993.

D’ Ablaing has had several recordings since, and has worked with such talents as Latin Grammy winner James Galvez, Sony recording artist Frankie J, former Rare Blend member Ritz Murphy, and of course, “Millennium Artist” Mario “MJ” Racadio.

At next week’s formal release of “Burning Memory”, the Foreign Xchange Band will perform live with Racadio. The Members of the Band are: Rolando A. Gaza, songwriter and drummer; Romeo Lagura, bass guitar; Hermie Selim, lead guitar; and Paul Rojo, keyboard.

Choreographing the dance moves of our featured recording artist, MJ Racadio, is his official choreographer, Kris Babao. Babao, a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor, has toured the United States and Canada for two years as a cast member of the Broadway show “Arthur”. He has also danced with world- famous artists like Beyonce, Michelle Branch and Mandy Moore.

Babao, and two of the dancers in his team- Alegria Vicencio and April Rodriguez- will be the background dancers when Racadio performs live at his concert at Yokozuna’s this coming Tuesday evening.

The live show is free to the public, and will be attended by fans, friends, family members, and the media. Writers from the following publications are specially invited: the Filipino Press, the Star News, Philippine Mabuhay News and California Examiner.

For more information regarding the show, contact MGR Records at (619) 216-0566, or email at: For more info about Mario “MJ” Racadio, search his website: - Filipino Press,California Examiner

"Mario "M.J" Racadio's Hit Single"

Now Sold at Music Stores
Mario "M.J" Racadio's Hit Single Now Sold at Music Stores

by Zena Sultana Babao

San Diego, Calif.- with the successful release of Mario "M.J" Racadio's
first single "Burning Memory", music stores are lining up to sell his hit
CD. The formal CD release was done at a live show at the Yokozuna's Sushi
Bar & Islander Grill in Chula Vista last Tuesday, May 10.

Within a week's time, six music stores began selling "Burning Memory" and
around 50 CD's are sold daily. For those interested to own this popular
sell-out CD, you can contact or go to any of the following music stores:

The Karaoke Specialist in National City, (619) 472-0207; Hollywood Music
in National City, (619) 474-0122; Lily's Video & Gift Shop in National
City, (619) 474-2106; Postal Connections in Otay Ranch, (619) 656-6393;
Elena Hair & Co. at the Heritage Town Center in Otay Ranch, (619)
946-7059; and Tower Records near the Sports Arena, (619) 224-3333.

At the formal release at Yokozuna's, the place was packed with people,
and Racadio spent a few hours selling his CD's and signing autographs.
In attendance were his fan club president Terilyn Pimentel, the members
of the Villasinian Association of San Diego, and friends and family
members of Racadio.

Racadio's parent's, Mario Racadio Sr. and Elizabeth Garcia Racadio, came
to town from Sacramento to provide support for their popular son. So
with Racadio's sister, Mariebeth Racadio, who also is his manager.

At Yokozuna's, superb entertainment was the order of the day as "M.J."
Racadio and his background dancers wowed the audience and elicited
applause after applause. All eyes in the room were focused on the stage
as Racadio and his background dancers caught the tempo and the vibe of
the music to perfection.

The dance moves were expertly choreographed by professional dancer-
choreographer Kris Babao, who performed for well- known artists as
Beyonce, Britney Spears and others. Dancing with Kris Babao are two
dancers in his team: Alegria Vicencio and April Rodriguez.

Live accompaniment was provided by Racadio's band, the Foreign Xchange.
Members of the band are the following: Rolando A. Gaza, songwriter and
drummer; Romeo Lagura, bass guitar; Hermie Selim, lead guitar; and Paul
Rojo, keyboard.

Success draws on success, as Racadio is deluged with offers from left
and right. He will be featured this week ar, a worldwide
internet radio syndicated in FM stations. is a top
internet radio station for independent artists from all over the world.

Racadio will also do the opening act for the upcoming concert by the
"April Boys" which will be held in conjunction with the charity "Bantay
Bata" at the newly renovated Manila Tokyo Restaurant in Nationa City on
Sunday 7:00 pm, May 29, 2005.

The big event, of course, is Racadio's performance in Las Vegas from
June 24 to 30 with the New York International Music Festival at the
Crown Theater, Fremont Street Experience. This spectacular show will be
participated top orginal recording artists from all over the world.

As all these events are going on, Racadio is taking time to record two
more original songs. These songs are "Baby it's Me, music and lyrics by
Rolando A. Gaza, who also wrote "Burning Memory", and "Music in my
Heart", music and lyrics by Aldrin of Las Vegas.

For booking information, contact MGR Records at (619) 216-0566, or email
at, or search the website - Filipino Press,California Examiner

"Fil-Am singer to perform at New York music festival"

By: Zena Sultana Babao
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Mario "MJ" Racadio, a young and talented recording artist from San Diego, will take center stage when he performs with other international singers at the New York International Music Festival (NYIMF) at the Crown Theatre this June. The music fest will run from June 24 to 30.

Billed as the "Millennium Artist", 26-year-old Racadio will be singing his first single called "Burning Memory". The song hit the airwaves last month when it was featured at the and several MP3 sites. "Burning Memory" hit number one in a matter of two weeks, and is still in the Top 10 in music charts.

"Burning Memory" will be released to the public at a live show and party on May 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the Yokozuna's Sushi Bar & Islander Grill at 945 Otay Lakes Road, Suite M&N, in Chula Vista, San Diego.

Racadio's hit single is released under his very own independent label, MGR Records. The lyrics and the music were exclusively written for Racadio by songwriter Rolando A. Gaza. Aside from being a composer, Gaza is also the drummer of the Foreign Xchange Band that accompanies Racadio's recordings.

"Burning Memory" is a hit record not only in the US but in other countries as well. After it was released in Internet radio, Racadio's website ( had over 10,000 hits in the past few weeks.

Racadio received lots of email extolling his superb singing voice. Here are some examples: "I could not stop listening to 'Burning Memory'. Your vocals are amazing! I love it! - KMP Award winning Songwriter/Producer from Los Angeles; "You are an impressive performer! - Tony from Maryland; "Man, you have a great voice" - DiCarlo Songwriter/Producer from Germany; "I like the vocals and the atmospheric background. Well worth a listen!" - System-X Artist from London; and "Burning Memory" is beautiful. You got some awesome vocals" - Sharon Mark, songwriter from Canada.

With the expert blending of the music with Racadio's Marc Anthony-meets-Enrique Iglesias-voice, you know that you are hearing a hit CD by an A- Plus performer.

Asked how it feels to have his very first release as number one in the pop charts, Racadio said. "It feels good. I'm not expecting it, and I'm thankful my talent is being recognized. I love 'Burning Memory' because the lyrics of the song remind me so much of my own love life, so much so that 'Burning Memory" is now a part of me."

This talented young singer does not only sing pop music, but also ballads, rhythm and blues (R&B), hip hop vibe, and OPM (Original Pilipino Music)." He was even asked by Manny Tagalog, son of the famous "King of Ballads" Ruben Tagalog, to sing some of the original songs of the young Tagalog.

Racadio credits his singing career to the singers that highly influenced him. The singing artists are Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Michael Jackson, Elton John and Laura Brannigan. He also gives thanks to his vocal coach, Armi Guzman, who not only is a great trainer but has a fantastic voice herself.

As of now, Racadio's musical career is being managed by his sister, Mariebeth Racadio, who has supported him ever since he decided to have a career in the music industry. Working closely with the Racadio's is the president of the first Mario "MJ" Racadio Fan Club, Terilyn Pimentel. In charge of promoting Racadio in the media is Zena Sultana Babao, his publicist.

Racadio's "Foreign Xchange Band" is composed of the following: Romy Lagura-bassist, vocalist, songwriter; Hermie K. Selim-lead guitar; Paul Rojo-keyboard and vocals; and Rolando A. Gaza, drums, vocals and composer of "Burning Memory".

Even at the start of his musical career, everything is going great guns with Racadio. He was invited to perform at the Mabuhay Channel in San Francisco Bay Area last April 17. Racadio said Mabuhay is a rival channel of TFC (The Filipino Channel) of ABS-CBN.

Racadio will also headline the upcoming 8th Annual Filipino Family Day 2005 at Knott's Soak City Water Park in Chula Vista on July 30, 2005. The annual Filipino Family Day is sponsored by the Filipino press and other top businesses in San Diego City and County. Racadio was also the top performer in the same event last year.

Meanwhile, the NYIMF was founded in 2003 by entertainment impresario Stuart Alson and Frankie Munoz and fast becoming one of the largest exhibitions of innovative musical talent in the US. The festival provides a platform to discover and develop new talents and is sure to expose a diverse range of promising performers. Signed and unsigned artists from all over the world have the chance to showcase their talents and network with recording executives, producers, publishers, music journalists, talent scouts, casting agents and filmmakers. Musical genres include pop, rock, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, rap, reggae, classical, experimental, folk, country and gospel. The festival will be flying in music industry executives from Los Angeles as well as inviting the whole spectrum of the New York music and Arts and Entertainment industry.

NYIMF is a competitive event that attracts contestants from all over the world including Australia, Sweden, the UK, British Columbia, Croatia, Ireland, Canada, New Mexico and all over the US. The competitors are chosen by a team of industry professionals and winning acts will be offered various opportunities in the music industry. NYIMF events have previously welcomed representatives from Sony Music, Universal, Warner Bros., Atlantic Records, MTV, VH-1, RCA, Virgin, Bad Boy Entertainment, Interscope, Elektra, Jive, ICM, The William Morris Agency, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Ebony, Smooth, Complex, Billboard and Source to name a few. (PR)

- Sun Star- Philippines


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Mario"MJ" Racadio- a versatile singer/performer.His musical influences are Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin,Marc Anthony,Martin Nievera,BSB,Josh Groban.Racadio's 1st hit single "Burning Memory" charted #1 @ IAC(Independent Artists Company) and featured in several internet radio.

"Millennium Artist of the Year 2001," Singer Mario Racadio proves that perseverance can turn dreams into reality. Awarded as Millennium Artist of the Year 2001 by Las Vegas local officials during his first solo concert, "Stars Are Born".Born and raised in the Philippines, Racadio began singing at age five and performing at talent shows, family gatherings, and in his church program. After moving to the U.S. in 1996, Racadio joined an alternative/pop band, "RASH" and performed at various events. Racadio's credits include Tony Award Winning Broadway/Musical Show "Titanic New Musical", "Whistle Down The Wind" "Outrage On Stage," "The Gathering In the West" .Racadio is also a part of "PETS," a hit off Broadway musical revue, produced and directed by Full Circle Theatre in La Jolla, California.Mario has shared the stage with such artists as Andrey Silva of 6th Day (formerly known KAI) Honeyluv (formerly known Premiere), Banig, Lalaine (Miranda of Lizzie McGuire), Armi Guzman, Sheena Easton, Clint Holmes.