Marisela Godbey

Marisela Godbey


soul-rock, smooth-rasp


california born, texas raised. marisela mixes soul, jazz, latino and rock to create a sound all her own. she majored in jazz at the university before moving to NYC in 1999. it was then that she picked up the guitar and began playing and writing her own music.
the most recent event was a competition called xlstar at club xl, where marisela recieved the honor of third place. now marisela is back to her roots, doing singer/songwriter gigs whenever she can.
marisela has played all over NYC at clubs like crash mansion, arlene's grocery, the cutting room and the bitter end and her husky, sexy sound has made her a signature anywhere she plays



Written By: marisela godbey

you sit and wait for me
to come home 2nite
it's been so long since we
spent some quality time

you watch the plane set down
you see my walking down the isle
smiling back at you
now we can spend some time

and i know how you've been feeling
this morning
for me to come home

i've been gone so long
think i forgot your face
i've seen the whole wide world
but right here is my place
with you

as i meet your eyes
i know your heart's still warm
and with a perfect kiss
you fill your perfect form
with me

and you know how i've been feeling
this evening
trying to come home

don't let me down, please
let me love every piece
love me the best way you know how
don't think about me leaving
be here now

and you know
that i've been waiting
all day
that i'm coming home


marisela (LP)
marisela...just me (LP)

Set List

a typical set list can range from all originals (over 30!) to three hours of cover tunes. any gigs are possible.