Marissa Levy
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Marissa Levy

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop Acoustic


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"Marissa Levy - Look Ma No Hands (self-released)"

April 2004
She isn’t scared to rock out or let her emotions fly free, and that comes through in Marissa Levy’s first album, Look Ma No Hands. With catchy lyrics and melodies, an angelic voice, and an abundance of personality, Marissa adds something new and unique to the folk-pop scene. Where many solo acoustic acts find their comfort zone in trite pop songs, Marissa doesn’t feel the need to stay in that box. Rather, she ventures out with tunes that tell creative stories based around a plethora of interesting characters.
While “Suitcase” and “Don’t You” reflect a deeper, more introspective side, she will have you cracking up in “Life After High School” and “Robert Downey, Jr. (live),” where she claims anorexic mothers won’t cook you a good meal. Her lyrics are like a mixture of Lisa Loeb and Ben Folds, though her musical influences are much more difficult to pin down. The album ranges from the full sound of a 4-piece-band to the mellow sound of the hollow, wooden guitar. Although some of her songs are typical boy-girl songwriter stuff, she balances the album with plenty of unorthodox and imaginative tales. Marissa is a wonderful extrapolation of the high school chick rocker formula, mixing great poetry with a sense of humor and melodious acoustic guitar.
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"Marissa Levy"

Marissa Levy
This very folky sounding artist starts off this CD with a rocker; strong vocals, nice guitar work and nice lyrics. Good alternative rock or soft rock radio track. "Life After High School" - is the best track on this CD. The following tracks are basically story telling, alternatively written in folk punk-rock type sound. Marissa has a very good potential for some nice air play.
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"Marissa Levy"

I have heard these songs from their initial stages to their production. I was amazed at the talent before and now I'm just left astounded. This CD takes you through all walks and all stages of life with enough irony to be called profound.
credit: Drew Wilson of Wilson Listenings - Wilson Listenings


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Marissa Levy started writing songs because she needed an outlet for her emotions and therapy was just too expensive. She was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, then transplanted to the big bad streets of New York City. Armed with a mind for music and a 1963 Favia classical guitar Marissa began to express herself through song in a thoughtful if slightly scattered manner.

Eventually, the Favia (may it rest in peace) broke and Marissa moved on to a new guitar and a more serious attitude about songwriting. She sought spiritual guidance from the folk and pop troubadours (Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Christine Lavin, and Billy Joel) that Marissa truly believed were kids singers as a tot, as well as modern chick rockers including Lisa Loeb, Dar Williams and Jill Sobule. Through this combination of influences she emerged with a sound that falls somewhere not so neatly in between.

Her songs range from a hilarious obsessive song about down and out actor Robert Downey Jr. to one about losing the innocence of high school love. Marissa’s performance displays her confidence with just a hint of sass, while her big voice and catchy melodies captivate and engage her audiences.

Marissa has just finished her very first full-length album adorned, lookmanohands, produced and engineered by David Perlick Molinari and mastered by Drew Lavyne (Elvis/JXL, Sting-Brand New Day, Santana-Supernatural, Dave Matthews Band-Before These Crowded Streets) of All Digital. She is currently touring and promoting that album and trying to keep her head together.