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The best kept secret in music


"Marius Mihalache - The Magician of Cembalo"

„Do you imagine how Ciuleandra sounds in the ritm of bossa-nova? Or in a jazz-rock explossive version? Marius Mihalache did them both, singing at cembalo, the instrument that he uses for traditional songs, jazz or classical muzic, the instrument that sounds, under his touch, different of everything you have listen before. Becuuse of Marius Mihalache, the cembalo gaines nobility”

„The music of Marius Mihalache goes beyond the borders of the consciousness and wake up to life that sensitive and so well hidden part that exist in each of us. There is something that surpass the refinement of the interpretation and the perfection and class of the sounds, a side that don’t have a name, unaccountable as the sad eyes of an warrior, in the moment of victory"
Agenda Zilei
„He composes music for the movies, performs Bach, he launch himself whit an amazing facility in the whirlpool of jazz’s improvizations, or approaches whit great sensibility romanian traditional songs. And all of this, at cembalo…”

„Two giants at one album: Marius Mihalache and Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica have broke the limits of those two instruments. ”

„Who listen to Marius Mihalache singing at cembalo is simple amazed by his skillfulness. Who goes to one of Marius Mihalaches’s concerts, will remember forever that music.”
- Various World Papers


Sunny Records Ltd (UK) , BMG, Zone Records, Taboo Music are among the ones releasing Marius's 6 albums.
All CD's are airplayed every day around the world.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Very few of us have listened to the cembalo as a solo instrument, at the confluence of classical and jazz.

Knowing Marius Mihalache offers us this opportunity.
He was born in Bucharest, on the 27th of May 1974, in a family with musical interests.
He had been studying the ancient instrument - the Cembalo , since he was 6; his teachers were Vitorio Albini (musical theory) and Victor Manu (instrument), in the beginning being interested mainly in classical music.
Owing to Marius Mihalache, the cembalo, a traditional Balkan instrument, reaches new valences and incredible resonance, so that the artist's spectacular achievements being even in his childhood:
1985 He obtains the 2nd prize at the International Festival
for Children, Athena - Greece (he was only 11)

1988 He obtains Grand Prize at the International Festival
for Children, Paris - France
He won both prizes playing cembalo adaptations
from Rachmaninov, Chopin or Liszt.

At 17, he reaches international fame:
1991 He played a 32 minutes recital at "Scala" in Milan,
performing cembalo adaptations of Rachmaninov,
Chopin, Schumman, Schubert, Mozart

1992 He is invited to Italy, Rome, to play in the opening
of Nina Simone's concert

1992 In Palermo, on New Year's Eve, "Marius" performed
30 minutes recital in the opening of Gloria Gainer's concert

1993 He is invited for an interview by RAI UNO TV
1998 After years of study and preparation, appears his
first album, "ECLIPSE", witch contains 9 original
adaptations from Romanian folklore, with
influences of classical music, pop and jazz.
1998 "Marius" was chosen by Chick Corea (out of more
than 40 candidates) to play in the opening of his
concert in Bucharest. That was the moment when
the Romanian public had the opportunity to listen
him, and he was better known abroad then in our
1999 "Marius" performs in public in Italy, Germany,
Belgium, Holland, Spain and Turkey.
2000 In March, he was the subject of a reportage made
by CNN.
2000 In July, he was invited to "Saison Musicale -
Royaumont", France, where he played in the
Locality's cathedral.
2000 In August, he takes part to the Festival in
Menden, Germany.
2000 In September, he was one of the Romanian
representatives at Expo 2000 in Hanover, where
he performed 4 concerts etno-pop-rock in a new
formula: cembalo, drums and bass guitar.
2001 "Marius" takes part to the International Music's
Market "MIDEM" in Cannes, France.
2001 Film's music constituted another important step in
the carrier of this unique artist, "Marius" signing
the sound track of the movies "Philanthropic",
directed by Nae Caranfil, and "Garcea", directed
by Sam Irvine.
2002 Appears the albums entitled "ROOTS" and
in Germany, with Ovidiu Lipan "Tandarica", the
well-known Romanian battery and percussion
2002 "Marius" was a praised presence on the scenes in
Spain, Turkey, Holland, Italy, Austria, Helves,
Germany, Denmark, in a European Tour provided
by the Ministry of Culture from Romania.
2003 "Marius" was invited in Geneva, to perform at the
headquarter of the Organization of United
Nations, in the presence of the state's chiefs,
participants at the Summit.
2003 In a U.S.A Tour, it will realize the promotion of
the album "ROOTS". When he will return,
"Marius" promises a new musical expression.
2004- 2005 Signed by Timeconcerts Entertainment, under
the management of Chris Sebastian Douglas and John Carlo Bossi.
The company has many surprises up the sleeve for "Marius" including
a SONY / MBG release by 2005 and a possible joint concert with
Latin Grammy winner, jazzist Nestor Torres from Miami.