Marius Preda's Unknown Allstars

Marius Preda's Unknown Allstars

 The Hague, South Holland, NLD

Put Marius Preda's Unknown Allstars on your stage and the energy will roar into the audience. Their concert makes a rainy day sunny again


Biography Marius Preda’s Unknown Allstars

Marius Preda’s Unknown Allstars present themselves in a breathtaking setting. Top musicians encourage each other to give the best of their abilities within the most complex rhythms and tempos. Marius is in turn at their heels with his sizzling Cymbalonsticks. In between there is also room for the authentic and melancholic vocals from Florin Mocanas. This tilts the atmosphere several times through to the equally relevant and melancholic hora’s and doina’s. However, nowhere is there the slightest cliché to pass.
They are a Balkan Big Band of misfits as an Armenian Duduk, double-bass etc.. With the Preda’s compositions, they play with lightning speed or melancholic, like Preda’s adaption of Gloomy Sunday.


"Budala Hop" opa cupa 002-september 2010