I spin a wide variety of dubstep. I destroy the dance floors with bass boomin tracks. With my kicks on one and my snares on three I am climbing my way to the top. From heavy bangers to slow dark wobbles and all in between. I can be the most diversified dubstep DJ. Get ready to womp.


Influenced from a musical family, I have been learning since I was 7. My knowledge of music theory and techniques have pushed me foreward as a DJ along with my young age which shows that at the ability I currently possess I have the potential to be the best. I am influenced by Rusko, Benga, Smash Gordon, The Widdler, Phish, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers Band and Bassnectar.


Wank Album
Latest Mix can be found on

Set List

About an hour on average
Songs are usually picked on the spot
Ranges from 45 to 100 songs in a one hour period