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Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"MariZen Press"

The Illinois Entertainer
By: Andy Argyrakis

Heading to L.A. to record the full-length Field may have been the best plan of attack for pop/rock locals MariZen. The female fronted foursome teamed up with experienced producer DeWayne Barron (Matchbox Twenty), who lifts the group's zesty rhythms, new wave aura, and Blondie-esque beats to the next level. "Real" could potentially break out as a single, and even if it doesn't, should at least attract larger audiences to the band's shows where they'll hear glossy but not overdone power pop with an '80s tint. (Contact:

- -- Andy Argyrakis

"review of Hard Rock cafe"

I found myself at the Hard Rock Café on November 1st to see a live performance by MariZen. I had never heard them before, but the word was that they put on a hell of a live show. After seeing the band, I have to agree. MariZen's mix of radio friendly pop (think Q101, or WXRT) definitely had me and the rest of the crowd boppin' around. Lead vocalist Marizen Calip hit the stage wearing a black cowboy hat, which was fitting, as this vocal outlaw wasn’t taking any prisoners. Marizen has all the energy of a can of Red Bull but never over powering, which is good, because it would have taken away from the sweet melodies that run through their songs. The other members of the band - Glen Gilbert (lead guitar), Justin Francoise (bass), Patrick Caputo (rhythm guitar) and Jim Caiafa (drums) - provide the musical canvas for the watercolor of sound that is MariZen. The band, much like Marizen Calip, have found their sound and it’s because of this that they have an ease of performance, which only comes from confidence.

When I did hear the CD, I found myself drawn into it, much like I was when I saw them live. I was immediatley struck by how well they write. Songs like “On My Own” and "Canvas", the title track from the CD, are as good as anything that I've heard in some time and both had me hitting the repeat button. I would recommend this band to anyone and everyone, they performed a tight fun set that had me walking away knowing that I would be back. Check them out and pick up a CD, they might just make you into a fan - either way you can't lose. Now how often can you say that!
- Joseph Filipak

"Rhonda Kelley"

"Real is a hit song", " You guys are right up my alley."
- Rainmaker Publicity

"Chris Payne"

"MariZen is a great live band!" - Q101 Chicago

"Lou Carlozo"

"Their sound is a modern day Blondie." - Chicago Tribune

"Kyle Mullen"

"Canvas is a great debut CD from a great new band..."
a great collection of musicians that create great songs." -


At the risk of sounding cliché, Mari Zen and their lively lead singer Mari Calip, rock and roll their way through ten firecracker tracks on Field. Calip sounds like a modern day Pat Benatar, pushing her way through to the other side of every song with a real gusty purpose and fire that instantly reminded me of the little dynamo’s vocal inflection and approach, especially on “I Want You.”
The music rocks hard with an alternative edge that you would expect to hear in 2004. In appropriate fashion, to get your attention and kick things off, they start the fireworks with a virtual explosion of guitars, drums and bass on the opening track “Field.” After that fiery beginning, they continue to cut it all loose without holding a thing back and maintain that energy throughout the entire CD without a problem. As the lyrics indicate in the rousing opening cut-Have no fear, don’t back down…this band takes that in a literal sense with their music.
There is just of enough glossy pop elements to bring in audiences from pop and rock, and that is a good thing because you need every advantage you can get with all the competition bands are up against, particularly on the independent front. The best example of that effective combination is “Little Bit,” which I could see easily becoming a cross over radio friendly hit, there are other tracks as well that fit that mold, making this album a solid and consistent recording with no filler, just the good stuff, and everyone wants that for their hard earned bucks. It is you turn to make your move in the big green field of independent music. Checkmate, this is a winner.
2/16/04 © Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

"Echo from Esoterica"

MariZen - Field
Back to Chicago. Last month The Like Young. This month it's MariZen. Adjust your radars accordingly. The eyes cast away from NYC and back across the map a little. Apparently the town (the city, the metropolis) has a bubbling pop scene. Is the math rock movement dying out there? Can it, please? This is the stuff that classics are made of. Sweet, rocking, short pop songs that dig in the first listen and make you leave the CD in your player, eager to hear it all over again.

Secret weapon? Perhaps it is Mari Calip, with that distinct voice that you know is going to win your ass over. She sings it pure and powerfully. Or maybe it's Marty Kane's drumming, Chris Shen's bass twiddling, or even Mike Greene's guitar. I don't know. At this point in time I just know that Field is a damn fine album, and one that all readers here should seek out and purchase. You know, plunk down the cash and have one of those musically orgasmic moments at the payoff. Oh, it will happen if you do. A sure promise.

There's something in the water out there. Something that creates bands like this. Imbibing and becoming wild pop freaks. Chicago. It's on the map. You know, Burroughs often talked about it, and I've read so much on the place that it still feels a bit out there. I've never been, but if I were to go, I would check out MariZen. I would pay my money and sit in the club and watch them play their songs and if I was so moved to do so, I would applaud this action. I would certainly make it be known that they had met my approval, and well, you know that's gotta count for something after all this time.

But perhaps I am stepping out of my boundaries. Then again, I ask myself if there really are such things. When I'm listening to this and not bothered at all by the shit going on outside. I know, you wanna know about the music. Not some strange ramblings of a rattled writer. OK, fuck you. Here it is: "#1 Fan" blisters my ears every time. Something like ground up glass in the honey. A little bite, a little sweetness. It's sexy and throws you up against the wall, groping your ass with both hands. Nice, no? You know you love it.

"Real" is another big slab of rocked-out bliss. You'll listen and like it instantly. There's something familiar going on here. This would make a good song in a movie. Miramax, listen. This is the band. Pick up the phone to speak with the rock and roll. Maybe Lindsay Lohan could dance to it in something. I'm banking that this is a very feasible idea. But then, someone might snatch this idea from my pen and cash in, leaving me with only my words.

But I digress. The weird gets weirder. The best is "You". Nice little syncopated guitar riff and a melody perfect for riding around town in the blown out Vanagan in a pair of Trax and a bowl of Trix slopping around in the passenger's seat. The kids who shop at the Hot Topic will be jealous when you smoke 'em with this song. Pull up nice and slow, hit the horn, cue this tune, and the magic of rock and roll will set you free. It's already been tested and certified by a clutch of random 17 year olds. They wouldn't lie to you.

The facts are the facts. This is all I can be sure of. And the fact is that MariZen and Field are pure pop bliss. One that everyone can enjoy. And if you miss out on this, then there is a cliché about there being no hope for you. Seriously, though. This is an album for sunny days filled with daisies and green grass and bare feet. Tasty beverages, Sno-Cones, and a groovy makeout session outside the public library. Check 'em out now or be forever sad. Field is basket full of peaches
- Jason Thompson


-“Canvas” (July 2001)
-“Self Titled E.P. (June 2002)
-“Everything Zen demo” (May 2003)
- “Field” ( January 2004)
- Demo (June 2005)

(just recorded new demo June 2005 w/ Andy Gerber + Geoff Sabin @ Million Yen Studios Chicago (Cheap Trick + Local H)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Every once in a while, a group will release an album with music that is so full of life, so full of energy and enthusiasm, that it just jumps out, grabs one’s ears, and won’t let go. Chicago’s Marizen are the latest band to pull off this impressive feat; indeed, Marizen doesn’t just play music--they assault it.

Notable achievements:
-showcased at Whiskey-a-go-go July 2005
- self-planned +promoted west coast summer tour - July + August 2005
-Mobfest 2005 Showcase artists
-Chicago Tribune and Printers Row artists - June 2005
-finalists in Columbia College's The Biggest Mouth - May 2005
- opened for Electra Recording Artist Butch Walker – Aug 2004
-Planned, promoted and performed a summer tour that consisted of the Midwest, East Coast, South East – Summer 2004
-CD release Double Door Chicago -July 2004
- Performed live on the Kevin Mathews Show WCKG 105.9 Chicago - Dec 2003
- Mecca Music Conference Chicago – May 2004
- International Pop Overthrow Chicago – April 2004 + April 2005
- Emergenza Festival Chicago– Feb. 2004
-Finalists in Hard Rock Café battle of the bands for Sobe/Q101 – Dec 2003, and 2001
-opened for recording artist Sister Hazel - Oct 2002
-opened for recording artist Tim Reynolds- Oct 2002

Band Members