Mark Breeze

Mark Breeze

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Introducing Philly’s own newest Hip Hop artist Mark Breeze, aka The Party General, and his first e-single release titled ‘Story of My Life’ (Available for Download: Apple iTunes & Amazon MP3)!


Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA better known as ‘The City of Brotherly Love’, Mark Breeze, aka ‘The Party General’, gets his inspiration for lyrics from personal experiences and by observing local and world news. His style and delivery is as unpredictable as his eye color, yet his mature lyrical expression of hip hop is even more mesmerizing.

He was educated and prevailed in the Philadelphia and New Jersey Public School System and it was during those times he developed a love for writing, music, hip hop and continuously taking notice of his diversified surroundings. The charming wit and personality of this Philadelphian keeps his popularity at an all time high. As the first featured artist of Uncle Sean Entertainment, Mark Breeze will definitely keep Puttin Philly On Da Map by unleashing a unique and authentic flavor of hip hop using his skilled source of knowledge in self expression.


1. Story of My Life: E-Single Released December 5th, 2014

Set List

Original Music:

1. Breeze Intro (Duration, 1 min)

2. Story of My Life (Duration, 3 min)

3. Breeze Outro: Future Release Teaser (Duration, 1 min)