Mark Ransom & The Mostest

Mark Ransom & The Mostest

 Bend, Oregon, USA

Bend, Oregon singer/songwriter/guitarist with jam band tendencies... Mark's music explores heavy americana and funky, guitar-driven rock n roll. Catch him solo-acoustic; or with his group, The Mostest: a dynamic collective of some of Oregon's finest players!


Mark uses this page as a home for his newsletter, and as way to keep fans, friends and media current on musical activity, tour info, & side projects; as well as his work with The Bend Roots Revival and performing arts education in Oregon. For a more elaborate history, discography and biography of Mark Ransom please visit

Summer Notes:

The Mostest has begun work on our fourth studio album, a collection of fresh original material, some co-writes and one tune penned by our good friend Brian Deckebach. Brian is a talented songwriter and musician based in Denver, Colorado who also owns Del Toro Guitars. Perhaps you've seen Big Head Todd and other super-jammers slinging these beautiful axes. Please check http://www.deltoroguitars for a look at Brian's incredibly functional works of art. 

"Teleport People" is a grooving little number which will likely be the title cut. Beyond its funky music bed lies an exploration of advanced intelligence and unusual transportation techniques. The song was written 25 years ago in response to some strange, synchronistic experiences (during a mind-expanding period of college years in Boulder). Dex recently remarked, "The world is probably almost ready for that one." Thanks much for your contribution Dexter!  

Mostest Power Duo kicks off a mini-tour July 12th. Patrick and I will be headed out for two weeks to Utah and Colorado.  We will culminate our trip in Crested Butte, CO, joining forces with Boulder-based drummer Cary Hayes, and the band TOAST for a summer celebration at the infamous ELDO... Friends in Colorado, please join our Facebook event to help us promote!

Summer Performance Schedule up now at   More dates to be posted soon!

I will be headed back to New York in August for my third year at Butch Trucks' ROOTS ROCK REVIVAL CAMP.  Obviously, this year is going to be a heartfelt memorial as we have recently lost a triumvirate of soulful mentors--Butch, Colonel Bruce and Gregg. The Colonel and Butch were both in attendance last season and this was an amazing experience for me getting to jam with, and learn from master players like Butch, Seth Trucks (drums) and Vaylor Trucks (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass), Bill Evans (tenor sax), Barry Okley Jr. (bass), Bruce Katz (keys), and the brothers Dickinson--Cody (dums) and Luther (guitar) from the North Mississippi Allstars. My return is both personal, to improve my craft and re-connect with this amazing community; and professional as R&D for Bend Roots and and our arts outreach in Central Oregon.  Over the next few years we want to expand the educational aspect of The Bend Roots Revival and develop an offshoot camp at Elk Lake Resort in the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. I encourage any who love the Allman-style roots-rock groove to check this out. Changed my life!

This year we celebrate a decade of the Bend Roots Revival and the Bend Roots Education Project. The festival is scheduled for September 29th through October 1st. I am happy to announce we are again partnered with Deschutes Brewery, The Old Mill, Oregon Community Foundation and Breedlove Guitars.  This event requires much community teamwork and support.  If your business would like to help sponsor please contact me at (541) 390-2940.  If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact Samantha If you are an act wishing to perform there are still a few slots left, but they are going quickly, and the only way to secure one is to email  The 2017 Bend Roots Revival will feature 15 FREE educational workshops and showcase 85 local, regional and national acts. The first draft of the schedule will be posted on July 25th at  REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE! 

Thanks much for all your love and support!




The Other Side

Written By: Mark Ransom

I been here before and I done all of that
I got more lives than a supernatural cat
I got a good job and a good life
Two beautiful kids and a wonderful wife

We all will be forgiven
By the grace in the eyes of our guides
Liberated from our sufferin
Peace here and on the other side
We all will be forgiven
By the grace in the eyes of our guides
Liberated from our sufferin
Peace here and on the other side
On the other side!

People try to explain rainy days and pain
Dissonance and harmony
Listen to the music let your heart feel the beat
Of this bittersweet melody

Long to Be

Written By: Mark Ransom

Born the son of a Sultan
With wealth beyond my needs
Bored by my existence
I became a prince of thieves
Became a prince of thieves
I robbed the rich like Robin Hood
And passed it to the poor
Perished proud of my gifts
And was born again twice more
I was born again twice more

Like a scene in a dream
I can feel but not see
What I was, where I’m going
Why I am who I long to be
Who I long to be
Who I long to be

I walk along as a warrior
Across my native land
Battled my ancestors
And was shot by the gun of a white man
Shot by the gun of a white man
And as I lay there dying
Jesus I didn’t see
Allah wasn’t waiting
The wings of an eagle delivered me
The wings of an eagle delivered me

This time round is different
Light shines through the trees
Birds sing melodies
Through the air I breathe
Through the air I breathe
I listen with my heart
And try not to think
About the karmic art
Of what next time round might bring
What next time round might bring

Wyoming Song

Written By: Mark Ransom

I’m drivin through desolation
Western nation where the cowboys ride
Chameleon side
Droids hidin up on the hillside
Takin deep mechanical breaths
Like mosquitoes stuck to flesh
Suckin the sweet from underneath
So we can turn the lights on
Dim em way down low
Let the energy flow

If my conscience won’t tear me apart
I’m gonna try to open up my heart
And if my faith won’t leave me
I’m gonna say what I have to say
I’m gonna live to see a better day
I’m gonna pray for a better way to be

Fallin down on the ground
Above the gold we seek
Dilapidation, a domestic situation
Of human poverty
Reality in the night
Illuminated by my headlights
These folks wouldn’t be so poor
If they owned a little bit of the mineral rights
Give it back to the people in need

I pull over off the highway
To relieve my biological need
Fuel the ship, get some chips
And an energy drink
I’m pissin where I have to read
Four full walls of fearful graffiti
I hate what this means
And I don’t ever want to hate anything


1998 Mark Ransom Man of My Word
1999 Rhythm Beans Ocean in the Air
2002 Mark Ransom Stride
2006 Mark Ransom Champion of Mystery
2007 The Mostest The MOSTEST
2009 The Mostest Masala Mostest
2012 The Mostest Zara Dreams

Set List

A typical set consists of between eight and fifteen songs and runs forty-five minutes to one hour and twenty minutes. Usually play two or three sets. Many shows are 95% original, some shows are up to 40% cover material.

Typical cover material includes songs by the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, the Band, the Grateful Dead, Little Feat, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Widespread Panic, the String Cheese Incident and Michael Franti to name a few.

Sample Set:

Great Big World
Don't Think Twice (Dylan)
Give Us Light
In The City
First Impressions
Friday Harbor
I Know You Rider (Old Traditional)
All The Love It Brings
Little Oasis
Joni's Song
Ripple (Grateful Dead)