Mark Aaron James

Mark Aaron James


A singer/songwriter with inovative college/pop production and the live bravado of classic rock.
"Elvis Costello meets ABBA" according to Performing Songwriter Magazine


Mark Aaron James and his band were raised by wild animals for a failed Disney documentary in the mid seventies. The project went terribly awry when Swedish bass player, Victor Broden, brutally mauled a cameraman who came between him and his mate.
Devastated, and still living among the beavers in the multi-level dam they called home, the band kicked out the original drummer, Frisky Sutcliff, for the better smelling David Burch, from Knoxville, Tennessee.
It was during this period that the band began its "boyband" dancing phase. It proved largely unpopular due to the group’s choreographer, their adopted father, a sixty pound beaver named Gip. Most of the dances consisted of the four-man band building a reinforcement wall using only their asses.
Guitarist Eric Halbig suggested the band try it’s new direction, alternative/pop mixed with the bravado of rock & roll classics, after chewing a large redwood into a shiny red Stratocaster without chipping any teeth, (taken as a sign from the Almighty).
The band, still scarred by its brush with fame in the documentary, was skeptical. Then they heard that a good, independent band, without any industry contacts, didn’t have a chance in hell of getting on corporate radio. Comforted by the promise of obscurity, they formed Mark Aaron James and The Borrowed Souls with the Floridian lead singer and award winning songwriter.
When they became the number two music act among the beavers, (trailing just behind a Grateful Dead tribute band made up of three dancing bears and Simon, of the chipmunks, who left due to Alvin’s hogging the spotlight), they decided to take their act on the road. They don’t bite…*anymore…so come see ‘em.

*(We are not responsible if you feed or provoke the band in an attempt to test this statement).


Mark Aaron James
MAJ & The Borrowed Souls
Mr. Wirehead
Adventures With A Plastic Bag
(In regular rotation at WRLT 100.1 among others)

Set List

We can custom build our set to most situations. We do a few covers using our own off kilter interpretation, but we are mostly an original group.