Mark Adams

Mark Adams


Singer / Songwriter Mark Adams


Born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Templeton California, Mark Adams is a songwriter with film, radio, stage and television credits spanning several genres, but specifically country, rock and americana. His favorite songwriters are Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Merle Haggard and Bob Dylan. He currently plays several times a week in SLO county with a variety of musicians and in Los Angeles with his honky tonk band Rancho Deluxe (


Rancho Deluxe - "Rancho Deluxe" - 2005
Greenline - "Greenline" - 2003
Rancho Deluxe - EP - 2001
Mark Adams - "Semi Cool Cube" (EP) - 2000
The Rowdy Girls (Soundtrack) - 1998
Mark Adams - "Anything and Win" (EP) - 1997
Cow Maneuver - "EP" - 1996
Northurn Lyghts - "Molto Buono" - 1996
Northurn Lyghts - "Solstice" - 1993
Northurn Lyghts "EP" - 1991

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