Mark Allen/The Key West Rejects

Mark Allen/The Key West Rejects


The Key west Rejects ahs been a project of mine going on 3 years now. My songs are acoustic but range in influence from Johnny Cash to Curt Cobain. This started as a side project from the cover band I performed with - because I needed an outlet for my original compasitions.


Mark Allen is the founding member of The Key West Rejects. He started this project while he was with the band ShakyJake which he formed the original lineup in 1998. Mark has worked with many well-known local and national artists including The Mustard Seeds, The Replacements, Soul Asylum, The Suburbs, Honey Dogs, and even new-age master, Yanni, all the while continuing to create his own scene around the Minnesota music circuit. As a lead vocalist, front man, rhythm guitar and harmonica player, Mark is truly a cut-above-the-rest around the Minneapolis music scene. His talent shines at every acoustic show and simply commands your attention at every performance. When not on stage, Mark likes to support the local music scene he has championed throughout his career as a member of the Minnesota Music Academy. In addition to Marks performance schedule, he also continues to write, record, and release his own original music, as well as his collaborative efforts with other artists.


CD's released - Mustard seeds, The greenhouse and Urban Decay. Currently recording a new CD.

Set List

We perform 1 - 3 one hour set's in a performance.
Depending on the venue we will mix covers with original compasitions. If we are doing all original music the performance is usually a 45 minute or 60 minute performance. We can however do a 90 minute set.
The covers range from Johnny Cash to 3 doors down. Modern Rock to the Niel Diamond. We like to have fun and there is nothing better when everyone is singing along.