Mark And The Sharks

Mark And The Sharks


High energy classic rock, blues, R&B and similar genres. All played by seasoned, competent musicians.


Our combined musical experience would total over 150 years. We long ago let go of the idea of music as a career path - what is left for us now is a true passion for what we do. And that passion is for the music, the pride which we take in delivering our performance and connecting with the audience. Our members have very diverse backgrounds, including jazz, blues, metal, rock, classical rock, etc. etc. As a band we've fronted for Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers, The Guess Who, Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, Dr. Hook, Head East among others. Our members include a former studio musician who has worked at Criteria and Quadradial studios in Miami and appeared in a MTV video as well as playing in significant venues in the southeast. Past bands our members have played in include several well known acts, including Bluebeard, Alchemy, Plain Jane, Glass Apple and Faith.


Our members have made numerous recordings but we do not currently have a published CD. The video on this site is representative of the band.

Set List

Depends on the venue, we can accomodate about any preferences of clubs or festivals. Typically 1 hour first set, 45 minutes thereafter with 15 minute breaks in between. For covers, expect a mix of danceable R&B covers (i.e. Mustang Sally), popular Stevie Ray Vaughn classics, some of the best Allman Brothers you've ever heard covered, a little Jimi Hendrex/Robin Trower, and a wide assortment others. For originals, typically reserved for parties and festivals.