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markanthonyward at ....i have some songs there on my page that I have written that are just samples of what I do, i have 100s of songs i have written and am working on getting someone interested in my ability to write and compose.. even if its for other bands, movie soundtracks, or anything else thats gets my music out there... let me know what you think of my song...good or bad. and thank you for taking the time to read all this boring



Mark Anthony Ward grew up in the Kansas City, MO area. I started wanting to play guitar at around the age of 12, but didnt start actually playing til I was about 15 when I got my first electric guitar. I never had a lesson in my life, from an instructor or a book. The way I learned to play was by sitting in front of the stereo and playing along with song after song from great guitar players and bands. Because of no lessons, I had to go deeper into the songs to get what the guitar player was doing. Keep in mind, back then there was no video, so it was like a blind man trying to figure out how to play. And by going that deep, it helped me develop an ear and the ability to identify sounds all over my guitar strings. It also helped me to know what it means to have a good groove, to make a song work, from beginning to end. I think what sets me apart from other guitar players is, the fact that I want to write for other people, and if I do come out with a solo project, I want people to be able to get into every song that I write, because some artists that are very seasoned with lessons and schooling, end up being too technical and up lucky if they have 1 or 2 songs on a CD that you remember. My goal is to make every instrument in the song have its own story. A song people will remember, even if its an instrumental.... there was many many times i went without a guitar because of the road bocks that was put in my path, sometimes i went 2 or 3 years without any equipment at all !.. and my so called family never ever backed me up knowing how much i wanted to play music, in fact i was on my own at the age of 15.. i made a lot of wrong turns when i was young, but i learned a lot about myself, it just took a long time ! lol.. maybe god didnt want me to have any fame until i was mature enuff not to piss it all away like so many others do... or maybe it wont ever happen at all !.. but it sure would make a great true cinderella story.. all i know, is that whatever happens, i will never stop writing songs or playing my guitar, i love it.. i was born to play !