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Mark, please take this opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us how you came into ministry?

My name is Mark Arthur, and I am a Christian MC (my full name is Mark Arthur Crawley), and a good friend of mine known to the holy hip hop world as R- swift, said that my first and middle name sounds dope as a stage name, so I credit R-swift w/ giving me the name of Mark Arthur.

There was a point in time when I actually was not rapping at all. This was about a year after I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and I stopped interning @ Def Jam Records under Kevin Liles, at the time who was vice president of promotions. I cut off a lot of relationships that I made w/ people in the secular industry. J-silas (J-johnson) was actually one of the few people who encouraged me to get into ministry and rap for the Lord. He and I used to go to a men's fellowship in my friends basement when we were babes in the faith. I tried to give up rapping altogether, but it just wasn't happening. Words, ryhme patterns, and schemes would effortlessly run through my head at work and just through the course of my day. I made a few attempts at getting into the hip hop ministry a few years back, but nothing ever came of it, I guess it wasn't God's timing for me. Then one day, while at a friends graduation party, a friend of mine, Manny-aka-(Da' Truth) invited me out to some of the Crossmovements' events so that I could see what ministry really looks like up close. I started working on my first E.P. entitled "Handicapped" about a year and half ago, and things have been progressing ever since. A few years ago I was encouraged to build relationships w/ people and that's what I have been doing ever since. By the time I finally started working on an official project, which would be "Handicapped" I had some good relationships w/ some well known people in the holy hip hop realm such as: Tru-Life from Crossmovement and Mac the Duolos from Everyday Process, who is also signed to Crossmovement records. Mac the Duolos did four songs for me on the "Handicapped" project and Tru-Life did three songs.

We notice that a lot of Holy Hip-Hop artist are influenced by secular music. What is your view on having secular music as an influence in Holy Hip Hop?

I do not encourage using secular music as an influence at all, but on the same token I find that secular music is used as an influence by a number of Christian mc's in this industry. Ideally we would like our sole influences to be things of God, various Bible scriptures, and other Christian mc's. I find that it is hard to be a Christian rapper and not listen to the ones who may have influenced you before you got saved. You can also hear the secular influence in some Christian mc's music. You will even have some songs or even some artist go as far as to try their best to sound like whoever is hot at the time in the secular industry. So although I do not encourage using secular music as an influence, I would encourage that those who do use secular music as an influence, not to be stumbling blocks to those who would rather not use it as an influence at all. The Apostle Paul did speak about not eating meat for the sake of his brother, if eating meat would make his brother fall.

How did you come to settle on the title "Handicapped" on your first project?

When I was writing the songs for "Handicapped" I didn't really have a deep thought process in mind. Honestly, I put together a few songs that I had written a while ago, that I thought would go nice on my first project. Some of the songs were specifically written for the project such as: The Proposal, Vapor, Glory, The Answer w/ J-silas, and Aim 4da Heart w/ R-swift. I did however put a lot of thought into the title of the album. I came up w/ the title "Handicapped"; when I thought about all the flaws and imperfections that I have as a believer. I also thought about all the flaws that everyone of us has, saved or not. Every pastor, elder, teacher, no matter who you are you have some type of flaw, something that handicaps you and keeps you from working at your best capacity. Be it lust, pride, envy, etc... Sin handicaps us as a people, but thank God Christ died on the cross for our sins.

On the project you made it very clear that sin separates us from Christ. How would you describe sin as being detrimental to the unbelievers?

Sin can be detrimental to the unbeliever the same way a cancer, that goes undetected can be detrimental to the human body. When a person doesn't realize that Christ died for them and their sins are forgiven, they continually live a life being a slave to sin through the flesh. They do whatever sin tells them to do, which is then acted out by the person reacting to every desire that they have or that makes them feel good. Just like cancer, if not checked early enough, it will spread throughout the human body and eventually kill it. The principles of sin are the same. If the unbeliever doesn't accept Christ, when - Commission Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Mark Arthur, a Philadelphia native, is sharing the gospel through an avenue he loves. Mark Arthur has been passionate about music since his early teenage years. In the past, he was in a rap group as well as an intern for Def Jam under Kevin Liles and Select Records under Crazy Sam. After giving his life to Christ, Mark Arthur realized he could still use his lyrical gift to the glory of God.
Mark Arthur came to Christ through life changing events. From being robbed at gun point and seeing close friends dying by crime, he realize he’s not promised tomorrow and started seeking the truth. The Lord led him to start reading the bible and seeking out Jesus Christ.
Mark Arthur is spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through his music. His style is filled with a lot of metaphors and similes, but he always hits home with the message: The truth that man needs God and hell awaits those who choose not to believe. He brings the welcome of open arms and the message that God does love you and would rather you turn and repent of your sins, and come to Him (experiencing the change of heart, mind, and life, in that order that the Gospel produces).
Mark Arthur has completed his evangelistic E.P. titled, “Handicapped” which implies that there is something that keeps us from working at our full capacity (sin) and Jesus is our brace. Production includes Mac the Duolos from Everyday Process, Tru Life from the Crossmovement, and Saint Man. Guest artist includes R-Swift, J. Johnson and James Maccabbee. Mark’s next full length project entitled “The Obligation” is slated to be released in 2008 on Rocksoul entertainment.
Mark Arthur is a loving husband and father. He works in the healthcare field studying to become a nurse. He currently attends Covenant Fellowship under the direction of Dave Harvey. He has ministered at various church events and performed at large venues. He and his wife are also faithfully involved with RockSoul Entertainment under Lee Jerkins.
Mark Arthur holds tightly to the parable that Christ preached in Luke 5:36-39 about the wine skins for the critics in and out of the body of Christ, that Gospel Hip Hop is a valid method of evangelism.