Mark A. Smith

Mark A. Smith


If you like funky, urban influenced Gospel with soulful Gospel flavored ballads, you’re in for a treat! Mark A. Smith’s creativity is evident in every single note of every song on this project. Not only is he a dynamic vocalist, but he has written all but one tune on this remarkable project as well.


Mark A. Smith began his musical journey by playing the drums in his father's church when he was only three year old. He later started singing and playing the keyboard in church as well. God set into motion a plan that would take a young man from Mississippi, around the world and back to proclaim His glory to all who would receive the message. This boy would inevitably be transformed into a man of God through many trials and triumphs. Mark A. Smith was blessed with a voice that would eventually become the tool of his ministry.

Mark has also served as minister of music and as a musician at many different churches in several states, and has played keyboard for one of Gospel's most respected quartets, "The Christianaires". He has written, produced, composed, arranged and recorded artists from all over the states.

The single "Restoration" will challenge all who hear it to stand firm in their walk with God. Mark's true goal in life is to reach out and minister the Gospel to as many men, women, boys, and girls as possible, with the intention that they will surrender their hearts to God.

Mark has appeared on Bobby Jones presents.. on the Word Network. He has also ministered at the 2005 GMWA convention. He also performed the National Anthem at the 2005 Inauguration Ceremony for the Mayor of Biloxi, MS. Mark's Music Video "Allow Me" is featured on Bro. Steve's "Understanding The Music Business Vol. I" Mark just recently won an "Omer Award of Excellence" in the category of Best Song Writer Of The Year 2005 for his song "Restoration".

Mark A. Smith resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with his loving wife of twelve years, LaShonda Smith, and their four wonderful children.



Written By: Mark A. Smith

Joel 2:23-26

Chorus: Restoration has finally come it's time to celebrate and have some fun, so let's rejoice cause it's our time for restoration and I'm so glad

Verse: Just look around and take an account of all the things the devil stole from you, now don't it make you mad to know what you had, but wait one minute my friend I've got some news for you. The word of the Lord has come to say, just hold your head up my child it's restoration day, he's gonna replace everything the devil stole, so you don't have to cry no more just lift your voice and say


Verse: Just clap those hands ya'll and shout hallelujah, the time has come my friend to celebrate his win over the enemy now he has given victory to live in perfect health and walk in abundant wealth now he's restored our families and he has brought us out of poverty so stump your feet and jump for joy, come on let's praise the Lord every man, woman, girl and boy.

DLD Publishing/BMI/VPMD Music/BMI
Written and composed by: Mark A. Smith
Produced by: Family and Music Evolution

Who You Are

Written By: Mark A. Smith

Matthew 16:13-18

Chorus: Hallelujah you’re the king of kings you are
Alpha and Omega the prince of peace is who you are
Hallelujah you're the Lord of Lords you are
Wonderful counselor, the Savior of this world is who you are

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: You are the one spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, for unto us a child is born and unto us a Son is given. And this is…
This is who you are!
You're the one sent by God to redeem man back unto himself, to save men from all sins and yes I believe that this is…
This is who you are!
You are that lamb that was sacrificed and slain for the sins of the world and now I will declare that this is…
This is who you are!
You are the all-powerful risen savior who will one day return in all you glory to take us home and yes, I believe this is…
This is who you are!

You are my best friend whenever I need someone to talk to. This is who you are!
You are the sunshine whenever it rains in my life. This is who you are!
You are the greatest, no one compares to you, Lord. This is who you are!
And right now I will proclaim your Holy Name to the world.

Vamp: Son of God is who you are
Messiah is who you are
Lord of Host is who you are
Lord God Almighty the great I am
The Savior is who you are
My Deliverer is who you are
My Provider is who you are
Lord God Almighty the great I am

DLD Publishing/BMI/VPMD Music/BMI
Written and composed by: Mark A. Smith
Produced by: Family and Music Evolution

Get Ready

Written By: Mark A. Smith

Matthew 24: 44

Verse: Everywhere I go it's the same old song everybody wants to know
When the Lord is coming back but I must confess people
I really don't know
But if you read the Word you will plainly see
We really don't have that long
So drop what you're doing and fall to your knees
Hurry up and come back home

Chorus: Get ready, get ready my people
It's about that time
Jesus is coming back you better keep him on your mind
Get your house in order, stop your playing around
Learn how to love one another, because the sun is going down

Verse: The Bible lets me know these are the last days
We really don't have much time.
Don't hesitate, Satan is out to kill all of mankind.
Believe it or not he's coming back when that first trumpet sounds
Cry out to the Almighty God, cause the sun is going down.


Bridge: You may think you have plenty of time, so you just ignore all of the signs.
But I have been sent to tell you the deal, if you don't seek God and repent, then you will surely die for real.

Rap Chant: Time is running out so don't delay. Give ya life to the Lord. Get saved today

DLD Publishing/BMI/VPMD Music/BMI
Written and composed by: Mark A. Smith
Produced by: Family and Music Evolution
All instruments: Mark A. Smith
Rap Chant: Brad "Changed Man" Reid
BG Vocals: Sloane Maurice and Mark A. Smith
Recorded by: Mark A. Smith and LaShonda Smith @ House of Gospel Studios
Mixed and Mastered by: Pete Leoni and Mark A. Smith @ The AudioLab Studios


Mark A. Smith Produced the following projects:
Terrance Alexander And Divine Revelation "Bless The Lord"
Jason L. Johnson & The Life City Singers "Believe It And Receive It"
Mark A. Smith & Uni'tee "A New Sound For A New Day"

Mark A. Smith has released the following projects:
Mark A. Smith & Uni'tee "A New Sound For A New Day" Supreme Records
Mark A. Smith "Ministry" Danbla Records

Set List

Who You Are
Mighty Is He
Send Me Your Word
I Am Blessed

Mark's set normally last between 20-30 minutes, depending on the venue and what's asked of him to do. He will also incorporate songs which are of a praise and worship nature by other artist in his set.