Mark Austin Blues Project

Mark Austin Blues Project


from the Spirit, for the Soul, designed to call from deep inside to speak the truth of the music to the heart of the listener....several videos can be seen on google and youtube as well


Mark Austin Blues Project Duo features two ultimate pros at the top of their game. Both have been pros for about 30 years each, so words fall short in description of the intangable aspect encountered when in the presence of their music and it's outworkings. When experienced, no explanation is needed and when not experienced no explanation measures up to possible.


I'm Leavin' Town

Written By: Mark Austin


I'M LEAVING TOWN, gonna find myself someday
I'M LEAVING TOWN, gonna find myself someday
gonna dig deep down hard inside gonna feel it when I pray

I cry Lord, Lord, Lord, can you see this heart of mine?
I cry Lord, Lord, Lord, can you see this heart of mine?
set me free from my spell, open up my clouded mind

He said "See me as your friend Nothing real you ever loose
He said "See me as your friend Nothing real you ever loose
oh, no, don't worry now, there's nothing left to choose"

I never left you for a moment, even though you thought it so
I never left you for a moment, even though you thought it so
Believe me when I tell you. When you see inside, you'll surely know.


discography for Mark Blues Project includes a CD entitled "All By MySelf" in which Mark plays all of the instruments except drums, and all in an acoustic format.

other of Mark's selected discography includes:

2005 MARK AUSTIN BAND: Moongliding on Mars
seasoned musicians create depth from the Spirit and for the Soul when a mix of brilliant instrumentals spice soulful content filled lyrics and heartfelt vocals

2005 COMMON GROUND: The Music of Common Ground..............In an effort to bring home the idea that "peace on earth happens one person at a time," Common Ground blends the sounds of folk, rock, and pop to inspire people to think beyond our differences to what we have in common.

2005 Mark Austin Solo Project: On My Way - feelingful spices of slide interspersed with bluesy vocals reaching for transcendence as good grooves jump around in genre from Alt Rock to prog rock to Country Gospel to a Christmas Song, not to mention two tracks from an earlier band "ooga booga" that have a sound all their own.

2005 MARK AUSTIN TRANCE PROJECT: MetaBass-Meditation_(MetaBation) a trance project involving fretless bass and a sample delay unit

2004 "Transparent" by Mark Austin Solo Project
"Project of the Year" at

2004 LEWIS AND MARK EXPEDITION: reopened - this is an acoustic adventure of instrumentals

In 2002 - "Cosmic Trigger" Mark Austin Band making Top Ten in Radio Chart in Canada! and to #5 on the CMJ Radio Adds Chart for April 13th and #13 April 20th 2003 on the Top 200 at KMUD in California; also topping the charts at in the rock, pop, and jazz catagories before the CD was finished and before the fall of the popular portal.

1998 "SOULMATES" by Brent Rozell Celestial Studios - harmony vocals, and bass on Going Nowhere Fast; bass on Ain't No Sunshine, It Bees That Way, Walkin' The Dog, Don't You Lie To Me, Quicksand, Flat Blues; engineer on entire CD.

1992 "HOT RHYTHM AND COOL BLUES...TEXAS STYLE" by Topcat Records featuring many Dallas blues artist. "St. Peter Have Mercy" by T. Buck Burns and Slip Clay - background vocals

1990 Co-author, co-singer, and bass player of "I SAW NO TEARS," written by The Austin Brothers, released worldwide by Alliance Records climbing to #3 by May on The Music Review Charts in Poughkeepsie, NY, #5 on The Indy Bullet Charts, #32 on Cashbox's The Hot 150, and debuting higher than any other record on ICC's charts.

Set List

I'm Leaving Town
Calling Out My Name
I Believe in You
I'm Searchin
Don't Let My Son Wear My Sadness
Hold the Light
Journey Without Distance
Life's a Struggle
Talk About Love
"I do some covers sometimes too but mostly I like to do originals, depends on the moment...These are all mine"