Mark Banks

Mark Banks


Mark Banks is a soulful singer/songwriter with a refreshing voice and even more refreshing spiritual outlook on life. Playing multiple instruments ranging from mandolin,guitar,bass,piano and percussion.


As well as being a California singer/songwriter accomplished in his unique vocal diversity, Mark Banks is also an innovative businessman. Being classically trained in music allows him to sing and play a wide array of styles, but being trained by hands on retail experience also makes makes him a well trained retailer of guitars.

Mark's Strings By Banks Guitar Shop is a unique, fun and professional concept which will be coming October 27th 2008 to serve as a pillar to the musical community. Mark's retail experience includes working for Khaki's Men's Clothier of Carmel, The Thomas Kinkade Company and of course The Guitar Center in Hollywood Ca. This balance of musical and retail know how has created an anticipated business success! "I know what musicians want when they walk into the store" says Mark, being a musician himself.

Coming from California his musical influences are well cultured, spanning a wide array of styles and musical varieties. This can be seen in both his music and in his guitar shop. Check out Strings By Banks coming
Oct 27th 2008! Monterey Ca


"Songs from the rooftop is an audacious debut album, filled with sweeping choruses, bombastic arrangements, searching lyrics, and above all the richly textured voice of Mark Banks"
(Michael Arana)


You are Glorious
The Stand
Liquid Sunshine

Set List

MARK BANKS Current Set List

1.Discern and Obtain
2.You are Glorious
3.Crazy (by Seal)
5.White Robe (by Ben Harper)
7.The Stand
8.Liquid Sunshine
9.Victorious You
10.Everlong (by Foo Fighters)
11.Heal My Prayer
12.Daughters (by John Mayer)

Of course the set list can be custom taylored for any venue with many more songs to choose from.