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Song for the Homeless

Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

An old man shuffling up the street with holey socks on his feet
His limp reveals the pain he feels, he hasn’t had a decent meal in weeks
His eyes are glazed, everything’s a haze, his clothes are rags but that’s all he’s had
To call his own since he made his home in a place that you and I don’t know, the streets

So I try to communicate with him but the lights are low, his eyes are dim
People walking by stop to stare, wondering what I’m doing there with him
How could I hope to even know how this man feels, where did he go
What did he find when he arrived, does he even know he’s still alive, I don’t know

What’s wrong with this picture
What’s wrong with this scene
For the lost and the homeless, it’s all a bad dream

Last week I saw a TV show, an old guy no one seemed to know
They found him at a race track alone, he didn’t have a place to call home, to go
He didn’t know where he was or why, when they looked at him he started to cry
Someone apparently abandoned him, I shook my head and thought what a sin with a sigh

I started thinking about what I could do for all the homeless that I never knew
Give change to them, write the Congressmen, there must be something we can do together
These people, they are on their own, they live their lives all alone
They have no place to call their home, a long time ago the seeds were sown for them
These people they are all afraid, to live the life that we have made
For them out on the streets alone, no food to eat, no love is shown to them


Society, we choose to not agree, we close our eyes, refuse to see
To the plight of the homeless and how they feel, for most of us it’s all surreal anyway
I’ll tell you why I think they’re there, ‘cause no one ever stopped to care
To take some responsibility for those who don’t have as much as you and me

It’s a mystery to me, the way we choose to be
The problem is not these homeless that we see
The problem is you and me