Mark Bechtold

Mark Bechtold

 Jefferson, New Hampshire, USA

Singer-songwriter Mark Charles Bechtold is a native New Englander who writes and performs unique acoustic folk-rock songs that capture the essence of the world of experiences and feelings in our relationships with each other and mother earth.


Mark Charles Bechtold has written hundreds of songs and continues to write and record four new, original songs every month, as well as perform at local venues in New England and the Middle East.



Written By: Mark Charles Bechtold

Mark Bechtold

I want to (D)grab you, I need to (Dm)have you
You are the (D7)answer to my dreams
It’s all slow (G)motion, a clear blue (Gm)ocean
And I’m (D)drifting, so it seems
The world is (D)spinning, I am be-(Dm)ginning
To see it’s (D7)not where it’s been
If it be (G)magic, I have to (Gm)have it
Or all is (D)lost or so it seems

(Csus7)Days, will have no (D)end
Like (Csus7)sisters and brothers, all are (D)friends
Clear (Csus7)blue in the sky, and (D)no one needs to die (cry)
The (G)torn and ragged quilt is on the (A)mend

It’s time to (D)fly now, the seas are (Dm)wide now
The (D7)moon is lighting up the way
And the (G)illusion is a con-(Gm)clusion
That (D)everyone will want to stay
You are the (D)one who, all will (Dm)come to
You are the (D7)nectar in the wind
An we will (G)spread you, because we (Gm)need to
And (D)love will prevail once again


(Bm7)We’ve been waiting, so (A)long
(Am7)Anticipating, (G)trying to be (A)strong

I’m gonna (D)hold you, and not con-(Dm)trol you
And (D7)hope this dream will never end
The moon is (G)calling, and I am (Gm)falling
Into a (D)place of all humans
And all will (D)laugh loud, and all will (Dm)be proud
And all will (D7)walk free once again
In conscious-(G)ness of, a world of (Gm)true love
We’ll live in (D)peace without end


Here For You

Written By: Mark Charles Bechtold

I’m Here For You
Mark C. Bechtold

I can (D)over complicate things, Sometimes (D)try to get ‘em wrong
I (D)do too much, Just a (D)little bit too strong
Try to (G)see around the next corner, (G)Way before I’m there
(D)Say some things I shouldn’t, And(D)not really care

But I’m (A)here for you, the (A)roots beneath your tree
I’m (G)here for you, the (G)water in your sea
I’m (A)here for you, the (A)blue up in your sky
I’m (G)here for you, the (G)apple in your eye
So don’t do (D)wrong by me, (Am7)please, don’t do me (D)wrong
Don’t do (D)wrong by me, (Am7)please, please don’t do me (D)wrong

Well I had some good luck, When I landed you
Seems my horoscope said yes, In most of what I’d do
Lived enough for three lifetimes, And someone twice my age
Survived some things I shouldn’t have, And why I just can’t say


Some things seemed to have changed, this path now seems so strange
Where we would walk as one, the trail is lost in the sun

I’ve never done a thing, Of which I’d be ashamed
Can you look me in the eye, And tell me the same
Can you feel the truth, Like the clearness of the day
Or the hangman's noose, From the words that you say



Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

© Mark C. Bechtold

(D)I want to know you
Please (Am7)take me on your ride
(D)Share your secrets
Your (Am7)truth and your lies
(D)If I was to disappear
(Am7)You could make me stay
(G)If you even realized
That (Am7)I had gone away

I’m (D)crazy(Am7)
My (G)ship is out to sea
I know there’s (Am7)something wrong with me
I’m (D)crazy(Am7)
I’m (G)drifting all alone
With no (Am7)wind to bring me home
I’m (D)crazy, I’m (Am7)crazy, I’m (D)crazy
Over (G)you

I see you in my mind
You lay there quietly
The stone under the surface
Of the water’s mystery
You’re rising in the tide
So softly and so still
You’re power is your sorcery
The secret of your will

(G)You tranquilize me, (Am7)You euthanize me
(D)You analyze me, (Am7)You see inside of me
(G)I want to hide from you, (Am7)I want to cry for you
(D)I need to fly with you, (Am7)To see inside of you

If I Could

Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

If I Could
Mark Bechtold
© 1/17/09 (Drop DD; ¾)
The most impor(G)tant, (D)words that I’ve (A)ever said
Were (G)only (D)meant for (A)you
But (G)somehow the (D)words don’t (A)seem to convey
(G)Feelings so (D)deep and (A)true
If (A)I could (G)give you these (D)feelings
You’d have a (A)rainbow on a (G)cloudy after(D)noon (the mts. rolling down to the sea)
A (A)warm fire’s (G)light on a (D)cold winter’s night (the magical bliss, of a lover’s first kiss)
And the (A)autumn’s (G)harvest (D)moon (and the eagle, soaring high and carefree)

If (G)I could (D)slow down the (A)world
Just (G)do a(D)way with the (A)passing of time
I’d (G)hold you (D)close, like a (A)baby
And (G)know the (D)universe is (A)mine
Your (G)love is like a (A)daisy, It (G)soothes me when I’m (A)down
It (G)raises up my (A)spirit, Lifts me (G)up off the cold, hard (A)ground
Yeah, your (G)love is like a (A)daisy, (G)Dancing in the wind under (A)blue skies
(G)Always there for the (A)giving, (G)Always willing to (A)fly

(G)You are the (D)cool summer (A)breeze
That (G)ripples (D)over my (A)soul, You make
(G)music, in the (D)wind chimes of my (A)life
Your (G)magic (D)makes me (A)whole

Why Do You

Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

Why Do You
©May 2, 2009 by Mark C. Bechtold (DD, 2nd Capo)
So you (Am7)fell out of love to(D)day, don’t know (G)what to do or say, and the (Am7)pain that you feel is (D)way beyond your (G)words
It (Am7)seems that your best laid (D)plans, have disap(G)peared, so there you stand, a(Am7)lone again now, (D)and it really (G)hurts
(Csus7)Why do you always lose that special (Bm7)feeling, as the (Am7)sun shines down on (D)you, when love is (G)there
(Csus7)How could you go on blindly be(Bm7)lieving, that (Am7)love would last when you refuse to (D)share

It’s so obvious deep inside, there’s something you’re compelled to hide, a story you need to confide, but it’s too hard to share
The pain body that is you, is everybody else’s too, and in the meantime you need to know that others care
Why do you fail to see, that you’re as special as can be, and you deserve all, the goodness, that rains over you
In just being who you are, you’re already a shooting star, that lights up the night, for all of us to view
(Am7)Sing out your (G)feelings, let your (Am7)sail out into the gentle (G)wind
(Am7)Ride with the (G)healings, of (Am7)all loving hu(G)mans

And so your story goes, where it ends nobody knows, a simple picture, in a book worth a thousand words
So you’ll write it over once again, hope to find another loving friend, and this time you hope to somehow avoid the hurt
Somehow you need to see, that you’re as special as can be, and you deserve all, the goodness, that rains over you
In just being who you are, you’re already a shooting star, that lights up the night, for all of us to view


Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

© May 8, 2009 by Mark C. Bechtold
The party’s over a voice whispered to me
In the early morning darkness, who it was I couldn’t see
Then in defiant silence, we all watched the flashing blue lights
And I noticed, the strength, of her jaw line
The softness of her skin, the fire in her smile
I just gazed at that girl for what seemed a long while
She just stared back at me into my empty longing eyes
I think she knew then that she had me, hypnotized

Her eyes told me a story that I’d never before heard
In just one moment’s look I became a free bird
I lit off to a place, where I always longed to go
Until that one look from her a place I didn't know
Flying so high, so ridiculous, who’d a thought that anyone could fly
Flying so high, no looking down, at the cold hard ground, just her and me, up in that star-lit sky

The night was cold, and dark as it could be
And the cop’s words brought me back to reality
When I turned back around, shit, she was gone
And all that’s left is a memory and this melancholy song (about her)…
You keep the light of the morning, And you keep the light in this room
Just give me one more look in that girl's eyes, and I’ll own the stars and the moon, (cause her) …

Twisted Roads

Written By: Mark C. Bechtold

Twisted Roads
© 2009-04-14 by Mark Bechtold

I’ve occasioned to find my freedom
To stand strong while the whole drifts apart
To wear the suit or armor of my won free will
To guard against the failings of the heart
Because freedom never lies, itsees through the disguise
And laughs at the cries of despair
Posted on the stalls, answering the calls
By drifting with nothing to thin air

Laughter seeping through the walls, out into the streets
No one wants to hear the calls, of those crawling in defeat
The twisted road that we are on is calling out ahead
The darkness is approaching dawn for those who have been led
And those who try to scurry on before the harvest game
Will someday all be looking back, and know it’s all the same

Yes, I’ve occasioned to find my freedom, on the rocks down by the sea
Where no one knows just what’s missing, where everything and nothing is free
Because freedom never lies, it sees through the disguise
And laughs at the cries of despair
Posted on the stalls, answering the calls
By drifting with nothing to thin air

Laughter seeping through the walls, out into the streets
No one wants to hear the calls, of those crawling in defeat
The twisted road that we are on will lead us to the sun
The darkness is approaching dawn as if the race was won
And hidden in the forest, on each side of the lane
Are territories waiting there, to be discovered, once again

Just You

Written By: Mark Charles Bechtold

Just You
© 12/17/09 Mark C. Bechtold

You got this look on your face, like you need to cry
You tried to explain but I still don’t know why
I had you then, only yesterday
Thought I knew you when, you said okay

Well if seeing is believing and intentions are true
Like mist over water, I’m all over you, just you

I tried to meet you when, you were not there
I tried to breath in deep, the lightening in your air
Your eyes cried to me, if I only knew
This concrete fence, that won’t let you through


Well you laugh, and you cry, in the blink of an eye
And you scratch, at the ground, then you reach for the sky

If I could hold your face, close to mine
Look into your eyes while we still have the time
We could brush away, the time that stood still
Get back to the place, of our own free will


She's Here

Written By: Mark Charles Bechtold

She’s Here
© 1/19/10 Mark C. Bechtold
She was a woman, I’d never seen before
A lady, in every sense of the word
She was a flower, along in the nighttime
And in the dim light, I knew it was her
And then the wind picked up, and she drifted my way
And music turned up, seemed it wanted to say
Take a drink from the cup, before it’s too late
You’ll never get enough, because love can’t wait

I’ve carried the load, all on my own
To a place, that I’ve never known
I’ve reached for the sky, and now I know why
I don’t want to go it alone
Each day, a new beginning, each night a quiet new end
Each moment awake, a dream there to make
It’s the magic, a true friend, well she’s here, once again

The islands, they called out to me, swept away out to the sea
A week on our own, with pleasures unknown, just floating, totally free
And when the sun went down, with my feet on the ground
And the sky filled the colors with the sea
I took a hard look around, as I lay myself down
And I let that water, wash over me

Whyo, whyo, whyo, whyo, why you been waiting
There’s magic in all that you see
Whyo, whyo, whyo, whyo, why you been hearing
The same music, playing as me

Love is Coming Along

Written By: Mark Charles Bechtold

Love is Coming Along
© 1/28/10 Mark C. Bechtold

They dash away into the night
Glimpses of freedom and what is right
Wrapped around, the finger of fear
It’s been a very long year

There once was a time, I’ve been told
Before loyalties were cheaply bought and sold
What was good for one was good for all
If you went down, everyone took the fall

Well lady luck, mother nature and mother earth
Are sleeping now, quietly in the dirth
And fire will have it’s day, and the water will wash away
The emptiness in time for their rebirth
So sing the song of peace, dance to the quiet swan song
Only love will set us free, love is coming along

Bridge (Musical)

Like a knight in shining armor, we conquered the land
We killed each other in the name of God, and for the future of humans
We change the rules of right and wrong to fit our reality
In the name of truth and justice, in order to be free


Set List

Sets vary in length to suit audience/venue. 2 - 3, 45 minute sets.